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Custom Birkerts' Thesis Essay

“Reading and writing come to mean differently; they acquire new significations. As the world hurtles on towards its mysterious rendezvous, the old act of slowly reading a serious book becomes an elegiac exercise”. The author of this statement demonstrates that the rapid development of computers made the process of reading much more different. He provides an example of the evolvement of new technologies in 1950s. The author admits that nowadays this process is similar to the one mentioned above, but now it causes crucial changes as literacy culture is being devastated by the fact that printed media is known to become less and less popular. The principal problem is that the majority of readers do not find it a serious issue. Making a profound analysis of Birkerts’ thesis, it is evident that it is a complicated thing to disagree with him.

First of all, the problem lies in the fact that today people cannot imagine their life without a computer or a laptop. This is the reason why readers download various e-books for their own convenience as they can read them any time when they have an electronic source with them. On the other hand, this style of reading has some drawbacks as the connection between a reader and an author is destroyed. For example, it is obvious that a person cannot understand the author’s sense while listening to the record of the book text. For the purpose of picking out the details of the author’s individual style, it is more than necessary to look at the printed text. Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that the text which is shown on the screen is perceived worse than the printed one. Readers, especially inexperienced ones, do not notice this peculiarity; it results in some literacy culture degradation as even those people who read a lot of electronic texts or listen to their records are less literally educated than those who read a small amount of literary works but all of these works are printed.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy to admit that in order to give an added gloss to the situation occurred, it is of paramount importance to popularize printed sources. Electronic mass media are convenient sources of reading books, but they cannot replace books all of us have already got used to.

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