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The US presence in Mogadishu highly infiltrated the region with racism. The Somalis are to be “skinnies” according to the analysis of the movie. In addition, the clan in the neighborhood of “the black sea” refers to Mogadishu (Bowden and Spiller, 2012). This is mainly due to cultural inferiority of this region. Very black men are wicked according to the review. Scott fell victim of this kind of stereotyping. The Somalis live in a region experiencing hot temperatures. They are sweating and their skinny image features negatively. In case the army officers who were carrying out an operation in Somali were the best chosen to carry it out, then it was clear that the remaining could even be worse racists.

The military had a problem with race too. This is evident from the judgment of qualities based on factors other than on the extent of training that a soldier undergoes or the physical outlook. It depended on the appearance of the individual elite based on color. The various specialized teams’ choice was in a manner that professionalism did not come first but the appearance just from the phrase “dirty legs” brought it out (Bowden and Spiller, 2012). Special army commanders were also victims of this prejudice.

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Afghans were viewed to be inferior. The illustration of this is the fact that the Afghans skinnies as per the reference made on them. In the movie, almost all of the US soldiers were black. Another aspect of racism is brought to light by Bowden and Spiller (2012) where hundreds of Somalis died while, other hundreds were wounded. Meanwhile, the Pakistanis and Malaysians withdrew their forces safely during the heavy fire by the Americans. From the above illustrations, the extent through which racism manifested itself in the entire mission in Somalia by the American military is brought to lime light to be high. The Americans description in this case was that they are racists due to their general discriminative approach to Somalis. 

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