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Majority will agree with me, that Monday concerts are not so popular. Brian Bergeron was to perform at Johnny Foley’s Irish House in San Francisco at 12:00 p.m. on Monday, August 27.

Have not heard about this artist earlier, I decided to go there an hour before. As I thought, Johnny Foley’s Irish House is an urban pub in true traditions of old Ireland. Visitors enjoyed convivial atmosphere and animatedly drunk beer.

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 In an hour, revival significantly went down. Pub became crowded. Young musicians appeared suddenly. Looking on this shy boy with acoustic guitar, I felt myself a little bit bored.

Brian Bergeron as solo performer tries to combine sound of rock-n-roll and folk acoustic. From the flyer, I had read his short biography. His debut full-length CD “We've Got to Find an Easier Way” was released in the spring of 2009. Now musician is involved in a new project – Mr. Kind, which was created on 2 March 2012. Performers themselves define band’s genre as independent rock. Four artists recorded first release under the title “OK”: guitar and vocal – Brian Bergeron and Jon Devoto (keys), drums - Kyle Kelly-Yahner and bass - Matt Roads.                                                                                                                                                                                         

In a while, other participants appeared and something happened. Noisy pub became silent and hundreds of eyes stared at artists. Full of energy sounds filled premises and the show started.

Propulsive indie rock“You're OK” song in a minute changed faces of tired visitors and made fans happy with its light-hearted words:

You act so serious 

And it comes across as aloof 

You've thrown the others out 

To keep them all from your truth…

Exciting mood used to fire public, changed in a few minutes by a calmer track “The Artist”. This composition has significant influence of songwriter’s rock experience as a sole performer of Brian Bergeron. Track drew rein of the audience and, to my mind, was not suitable. Despite this “induced delay” band won the audience with their independent rock compositions.

Next song was like an apologize to an auditory –

If I could give you all that you wanted 

You still would not be satisfied 

There’s a hunger that can’t be satiated 

If you could see it you might stop yourself 

You have too much good to let it rule your life …

“Homeostasis” with its romantic indie rock motives has considerable succession of The Killers. Despite my expectations track was played with proper sonic landscape and artistry of young musicians.

My favorite song was the last one – “The Restless Release”. This track contains powerful lyrics, unique vocal of Brian Bergeron and perfect bass section. Despite this collaboration, it remains very individual and can be a visit card of the band. Probability of becoming mainstream Brian Bergeron can prevent by developing this genre. This will guarantee some freshness to performance.

Young band does not have too much tracks to perform but their groundwork from release “OK” was on high level. Their ardor spread fast on the audience and remained until the last minutes of concert. Notwithstanding the sound of high quality, Mr. Kind needs to broaden their repertory and find something special for them. Just devotion is not enough even for a young band.

Frankly speaking, I am highly satisfied with the concert. I am to change opinion about Brian Bergeron and Mr. Kind. Nearly 1:30 a.m. the concert was over and late guests went home. Taking to attention short performance, Brian Bergeron managed to enchant not just his fans, but simple visitors of the Johnny Foley’s Irish House. Common positive emotions made this evening for me not just cognitive, but also a relaxing one. I will follow creative work of Brian Bergeron and Mr. Kind in future and highly recommend you to acquaint with them.

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