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Fire outbreaks are never pleasant incidents. They often leave behind very devastating effects. When fire breaks out, there is property destruction and loss of innocent life. As a result, many firefighting agencies have been formed to stop fire outbreaks. I admit that fire fighting is a good job, but the prevention of fire is far more important than firefighting.  Fire prevention encompasses all precautionary measures that can be employed to eradicate fire outbreaks in the society. This paper intends to explore four building blocks of fire prevention. These include engineered safety solutions, enforcement efforts, education activities and adequate fire investigation programs.

Engineered Safety Solution. This prevention program deals with safety designs implanted on buildings to enhance safety to occupants. Engineered safety solution ensures the installation of the fire sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers into buildings. It is always advisable to install multi- rated fire extinguishers, since they are capable of extinguishing fire with various sources. The construction team should use mechanical codes while constructing any building. The mechanical codes are cost- effective ways of fire prevention. National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) has written down the codes that all construction engineering should use while constructing any building. The fire alarms must also be installed in various parts of the building. Engineering safety also ensures that buildings are constructed with emergency evacuations.

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Enforcements Efforts. The enforcements effort is a legal responsibility of legislature to ensure that there is an act on fire safety in every country (Fire Service Act). The act would enforce total adherence to the fire-related rules and regulations. The act must clearly indicate the legal punishment to whoever does not meet the engineering requirement while constructing a building. For example, in Europe, Fire and Disaster Management Agency has been in forefront in the development and promotion of laws to enforce fire preventive safety measures. In 2004, the fire service law was revised.  

Local authorities also ensure that all the buildings constructed do not undermine the Fire Service Act. Apart from government authorities, it is the responsibility of an individual to report all cases regarding breaking of the fire services act rules. It is the responsibility of every person to routinely inspect where he/she dwells or works to identify fire ignition and fuel hazards and report the matter immediately.

Education Programs. Government, NGOs and other agencies have been organizing intensive trainings to the public on the causes of fire outbreaks and how to prevent such cases. The public has also been trained on the environmental hygiene that eliminates flammable fuel hazards. When the public is trained on the safety ways of handling electronic and gas equipments, there will be reduction in the fire outbreaks in homes.

Education programs also involve the general public awareness programs and sessions in radios, TVs, newspaper and magazines. Organizing fire safety measures for several days is also important in enhancing public education on fire outbreaks.  For example, the U. S Fire Administration (USFA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) do organize frequent fire safety awareness campaigns.

Investigation Programs. Fire outbreak investigation programs involve constant checking, maintenance and testing of fire equipments in the factories, homes, and commercial buildings. The investigation programs also deals with periodic checking of the full application of fire safety rules and regulations. In addition, investigation programs deal with thorough investigation on the past causes of fire, which in turn helps the fire agencies to develop preventive against future disasters. For example, the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council is committed to make Ontario a fire safe community by investigating the possible causes of fire and developing fire safety programs. 

In conclusion, fire accidents are devastating incidences. All preventive measures must thus be adhered to. This is achievable through construction of industries, employers and all other bodies that are related to fire safety programs.

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