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As long as art exists, appears a necessity to make sense of it. The understanding of beauty in terms of art is a science that is perceived differently by people all over the world. Cynthia Freeland has stated that the ways audiences see the art and react are different, and they do not enter in with a shared belief and value system. According to the Gillespie, the movie reveals the moment of a shock for the measureless majority of people along with the recollection of the moment when absurd became truth. Film is a vital part of the art. It cannot be neglected or stay apart. The Avatar movie is one of the most challenging in terms of power it has over the viewers. Of course, as many people as many opinions. The movie appeared to be one of the most extraordinary works for the last decade. The plot together with the underneath meaning makes the movie a food for reflection and admiration. Though, the Avatar is an action movie with great affects and wonderful plot worth several viewings, it makes everyone to reflect on the past and comprehend the former mistakes, overestimate people’s values, treatment manners with each other, and human connection with nature.

The plot of the movie is fascinating with its conflicts and adventures. Unfortunately, viewers are ready to propose different opinions. On the one hand, the movie is attractive with its originality and uniqueness. But on the other hand, the mysterious events can cause negative opinions about its’ bizarre. The plot of the movie tells viewers all admiration secrets. James Cameron represents a story which happened on Pandora Planet, the moon in the system of Alpha Centauri, and the Na’vi people who inhabit this place. The conflict appears between people from Earth and Pandora inhabitants because of unobtainium mineral which is valuable for the Na’vi people. People invented special creations, called Avatars, to invade the Pandora. It is obviously that the plot is fictional and can call a lot of miscomprehensions among the society. The plot covers conflict and loving relationship between Jake and Neytiri. As a result, the lead character becomes a true member of Na’vi and helps to fight with the invaders. The film is so ingratiatory that may be watched for several times and can open up constantly new vistas.

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In the Avatar the digitally created world has a pretty scrap with everyday reality in an indubitably extraordinary way. As James Cameron has always been a technical establisher, he was eager to create so wonderful artificial world. He made lot special effects which made usual things quite unique and fascinating. Avatar is one of those atypical films worth watching only for its gorgeous images and ostentatious sceneries. The magnificence of Pandora is equally familiar and unfamiliar and viewers are wrapped with incredulity at the prediction. The admirable decorations and effects give viewer a thrill. Moreover, the movie is so attractive that the person has a desire to watch it more than one time.

The movie is a valuable source to think over and recognize former mistakes. Audience will rapidly note delicately veiled interpretation on the Iraq War, veteran benefits, the American government’s guidelines on terror campaign, corporate greediness and anxiety for the environment in one’s sleep. People even can notice a reference to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict when the Na’vi tried to struggle with equipped helicopters, wooden arrows and bows. Moreover, there is hidden critical point of view stating that the Avatar movie addresses the fact that Europeans have ruined the original values of Americans, Africans as well as other Aboriginal nations. Formerly, the core of life was based in the native lands of humans, thus illustrating a decent spiritual connection between people and homelands. The Avatar film demonstrates the fact of land devastation by the European colonies. According to some authors the idea is that the “white population abolishes the territories with the only wish to make money”. It is obvious that the movie distinctly speaks about colonization, which has a negative influence on the inhabitants’ life.

 James Cameron tries to make people understand that love and friendship is more powerful than money and wellness, only these features can bring happiness and agreement. People should learn to respect one another in any circumstances and in every possible environment.   

Probably, he was trying to let the viewers see the difference of human qualities that could be either positive or negative in relation to the nature. It is impossible to disagree that people always have a choice of what path to choose while searching for the direction in life. In the movie, Avatar people represent the humans as if they were fighting for their nature. James Cameron calls for actions towards creation of a more human relationship between the people of different nationalities as well as in the whole society. This is done for the reason that many people live in an attempt to get some benefit from those who are week and poor. The main message of the film is to make people understand the nature of abuse by comparing it with the military people who fight with Na’vi in order to get that priceless mineral. Instead, people should understand that love and friendship are the only ways to communicate effectively and live together on the planet. The same message is addressed with the help of Avatar story. It explains that only love and communication between the humans and Na’vi can bring a harmony between each other and nature.

Communication can be held in different manners but the good one have to be put as primary.

The Avatar movie had a gross budget of almost $3 billion since its release in 2009. The positive reviews were gathered mainly for the reason of a remarkable animation and direction that is “claimed to be the real work of art”. In contrast, the negative views encompass the anti-racist character from all the positions. The most critics of this movie are directed towards the values of democracy. The most contemporary critical material addresses to the fact of complex relations with the domination of humans over Na’vi population. The overall behavior of people could be explained according to Lawrence as negative to the very means of nature as well as the nature as a whole (14). Therefore, the main purpose of the movie is to show that people have to respect each other despite different misunderstandings and troubles.

By watching the Avatar movie people recollect their personal values and start to think over the environment which is falling down about their ears. When people learn to identify their personal values, they will become more responsible for their lives and people around them. The more true they are about exploring their values, the more peaceful and fulfilled their life would be in the future. However, this makes sense only if one cares about himself and the surrounding world. Pandora represents a place of interconnectedness. At the center of this movie is a will of Life. James Cameron on the Golden Globe Award said that Avatar asks everyone to see that everything is connected, person to person, people to the Earth. If people want to live further on the planet, they have to make a real miracle to appreciate it in the future. That is what movie can show everybody. Therefore, the Avatar shows the society to respect each other as well as nature, treat well everybody to achieve the happy and peaceful life.

To sun up the information above, the Avatar movie can be called a modern masterpiece. Despite various quarrels and struggles around it, different opinions about the plot, the movie is worth to be on the top. It make people to be fascinated with the plot and effects. The film presents a lot of things to think over. It makes people to recognize previous mistakes and try not to repeat them. Moreover, the film gives people an opportunity to remain the life values. Nowadays, money has become the most powerful tool. That is not right. People have always put love and friendship in the first flight as money cannot bring happiness.  It makes to think over the people behavior and their treatment of others. If the humanity wants to live happily, they need to do everything possible to conduce it. Actually, the movie makes people to fall into a muse and reconsider the life.

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