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The time period in American history which is marked in the book has been bright and vivid. The history of American capitalism is full of interesting events, and historical books help us see how these events brought American society to the level of social and economic prosperity in the beginning of the twentieth century.

The book written by Matthew Josephson describes how capitalism and capitalism business methods have spread over the United States. In late nineteenth century, when the country was not densely populated and there were still a lot of new markets to explore, many American capitalists have used this opportunity to develop cheaper goods brought to the faraway regions in larger railway cars. And this became the foundation for them becoming almost monopolists on these markets (such as steel and petroleum).

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This process has started the rapid economic development within the United States and became very positive for social and economic growth of the country. New workplaces were created, new regions were explored. And what is even more favorable, these developments of new companies and businesses which brought goods from one place to another forced infrastructure development.

Where the railroads were an expensive way of transportation, motorways were later built. And this is how we see this process in the future. The increase of sales volumes influenced by their geographical expansion was a major driving force in American capitalism which resulted in company’s economic prosperity. No wonder why the United States of America survived both World Wars due to their well-developed economic and political systems which were enhanced by American capitalism in the nineteenth century. Despite the unusual name which was given to these capitalists – ‘robber barons’ – they have applied their aggressiveness and courage to explore and quickly develop new economical markets within the country.

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