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Free Example of Career Development Essay

Career development is a process essential for most scholars so that they can have an idea about the job (accounting) and so start on establishing contacts with professionals and have an experience in the accounting field other than what they are taught. I conducted an interview with [Name & position]. He/she replied that chose a career in accounting because of influence from parents who are both into the accounting profession. Besides, he/she also chose accounting because most activities in any organizations revolve around accounting. It also gives a full picture and advantages of the whole operation. [Name of interviewee] has a CPA license, and it has been helpful for job searching, also when higher positions are offered, increases in salary and ensures enjoyment of the profession.

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The interviewee works in an organization that has no profits hence. The  technology she uses is Sage MIP fund accounting system, which is software that helps in specific funds and also to create charts of accounts of their own. [Name of interveiwee]  supposes, that the most important  interpersonal  and communication skills in accounting career are: being precise, accuracy, patience, being open minded. In addition, a professional should have an attitude of serving others. Finally,   it is compulsory to be  polite. Students taking accounting courses have a lot of advice to gain from accounting people.An example is from the one interviewed. She advises that: an internship while in the university is good even if it is volunteer work. This has benefits, which include one getting familiar in the field of accounting, and with the software and hardware that are usually used. Here you get the first practice and impression of the system of accounting and relationship between the theoretical and real practice. It helps in one focusing on their weakness. 

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