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Free Example of Civil and Criminal Courts Essay

First of all let’s talk about the civil courts. In a civil court an individual who feels as been harmed raises a complaint against another individual. Sometimes the government itself can take a role of one of those individuals. Reasonable doubt is not required. The “overweight of evidence” is enough in most court cases. The plaintiff can demand either equitable relief, or monetary relief.

Equitable relief means that the plaintiff asks the court to order the other side to  act or refrain from action.

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Monetary relief means that the plaintiff may be satisfied with the cash award in order to  cover the lawsuit.

Now let us consider the criminal court. The government (plaintiff) brings the lawsuit against a person, who has according to their opinion violated the law (the defendant).

The guilt of an individual, who has broken the law, must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. If the defendant is found guilty, he or she may have to serve time in jail or pay a fine.

If you are convinced of a criminal offence or have lost a civil case, you can appeal to a higher court. The court of appeal has two divisions because it examines appeals in criminal and civil cases.

The Supreme Court, as a   rule, is the end point of the appeal. It pays attention to the legality of the dispute, rather than evidence. If the case concerns the rights inside the European Union, sometimes you can go to the European Court.

Criminal law is the set of rules that seek to prevent people from intentionally or unintentionally harm another person or his/her property. On the contrary, civil law aims to prevent disputes between private individuals and organizations or governments in which none of the criminal articles have been violated.

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