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Free Example of Codes and Standards Web Site Essay

Code of ethics and standard is the basic principal of the professional websites. These codes guide the professionals in regard of the profession and the services provided by the system. These ethics and standards provide the new ways and techniques to learn and know about the ethical principles and standards. Ethical principals are the fundamental concepts that judge the behavior of the individuals. The concepts guide the individual in making the decisions. On the other hand ethical principals are the guiding ideas of manner that judge the spirit of the law and not its letters.

Law and medicine and social values are not static one. To mix the ethical tenets of medical science and application is necessary one to be included in the system. Emerging issues in the field of medical ethics is necessary to be revisited. It reflects many tensions that are faced by the patients and focus on the reiterating ethical principals that provide the guidance to know about the concerns of the existing problems.

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In this paper main focus is to study the ethics code and standards taken into consideration, when you are finalizing the system in the professional life. You are a professional in the medical science and you have to follow all the ethic principals in the context of the profession. The environment of the health care is now changed and professional medical sites are now moving to facilitate the clients, yet in USA health care system require more reforms to serve more of its citizens. The ethical issues attract the people as well as professional to debate for further improvements. The physician articulates the ethical principals to show its behavior whether he is teaching the students, in clinical care and research work in medicine. These ethical codes are also called as Golden Rules. In fact the hallmark of this profession is that the professionals relating to this medical field are subscribed to code of ethics. It is obliged to all the members of medical profession that they must read, understand and abide the ethical codes and Standards. For this purpose American Physical Therapy Association has published the Code of  Ethics a guide for the professional Physical Therapists. Potions of this guide are available on line at the It is the duty of the physician to seek the appropriate care and attention to the patients. Therefore professional must display the contents of the ethical codes and standards in a very clear way to attract more people. The outlook of our website must be very friendly and system should be easy to use it.

With the regard of this medical profession it is most necessary for us to follow the code of ethics and standard for success in the future. Code of ethics ensures the fairness in the medical profession. I have agreed upon the above discussion, as being the medical professional I will make these codes of ethics and standards as the fundamental principal of my professional life. In circumstances of the conflict these codes guide us to resolve the issues. The limits of the ethical codes and standard covers the all areas of medical profession, it is right of the patient to avail the best treatment and deal of the physician towards the patients and its colleagues must be honestly carried out. All of the above norms have motivated me to follow these codes of ethics and standard in my future.

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