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What intrigued me from the course are the scientific and intellectual contributions of early Islamic society. However, the world is very ignorant about these contributions. In fact, it is through this lecture that I have learned of the numerous contributions that the Muslim scholars made to the world of science. It was rather surprising to learn that science in the western world would not have been successful without their input. They made important contributions in different fields like physics, chemistry, psychology, and medicine among others. Another interesting side is that one cannot learn about their contribution unless he/she goes in-depth because of the way most of these precious scholars’ names have been Latinized. I, for example, have been excited to learn that the word ‘algorithm’ was coined from an Arabic name; Al – khwarithmi. He made a major contribution in the world of mathematics through his book on algebra and he is also credited for his introduction of the decimal point in mathematics.

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I have also learned a great deal about Martin Luther and his reformation agenda. He championed reforms because he believed that the Roman Catholic were exploiting the people instead of teaching the truth. He strongly believed that one could not purchase his freedom from God’s punishment with money. This led to him confronting the church authorities overindulgence through his book “Ninety Five Theses”. These theses contributed to the reformation of the Roman Catholic Church and created the protestant Christian movements that continue to exist to date. He also began the practice of clerical marriage that has been practiced by protestant priests to this age. Lastly, he is also known for influencing the development of music and singing in the church through the hymns that he wrote.

In conclusion, the course has been very educative and informative. The history of Asian societies, religion and early civilizations has been particularly educative and exposing.

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