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The author of crash takes the audience to incidences that took place in the previous night before the crash scene.  Different groups of people experience different things, which all lead to one determination. The populace has accumulated anger, illusion and assumption of the people standing against them. Their attitudes and moods are laced and hindered by illegal or unfair deeds. In such feeling and conviction, one thing stirs up another, and everyone starts to feel suspicious in this multinational society.

Conflicts Between Cultures in the Movie

Paul Haggis in this narration gives a recount on conflicts between cultures that is evident in a number of places. There are also instances where persons of the same group discriminate upon each other depicting inferiority and superiority of one group preferably against another. The Crash Movie presents people of similar color, have similar dialect tend to pursue a common goal. They have similar emotions and thoughts, for instance in the beginning of the movie two black men Peter and Anthony emerge from the hotel arguing about how they were mistreated and molested, Anthony in particular bombastically complains that the waitress offered coffee refills to all the white patrons but left them out. Peter on the other hand reiterates that their waitress was aback this implies that birds of the same flocks together, as people with likeness in skin color and language preserved their identity by only associating with ones of their kind. Furthermore, the two goes a head to a similar action of stealing a 4WD belonging to Cabot the district Attorney and his wife Jean (whites).

The locksmith’s customer Farhad an Iranian in his own understanding does not want to learn or to speak English in order to keep his own identity. In fact he feels insecure and that everyone on the street and everywhere in the neighborhood is after cheating him. Consequently, he hopes to buy a gun to give him security from being wronged. The language barrier between the locksmith Daniel and the Iranian bring about aggression and Daniel resorts to protecting her daughter Lara. From this episode it is clear that all actors in the movie come from different walks of life and are after protecting their language and race at large (identity). The Persian family only speaks English when there is nobody of their culture is around.

The most outstanding and successful character is the black television director Terence Howard is not prejudiced, he swallows his pride when a producer Tony Danza (white man) suggests that he has not done he has not done his job perfectly and he should re-shoot the scene. Despite of all humiliations from the hostile police Sergeant Ryan whop pulls him over, harasses him and fondles his wife. The prevailing culture does not hinder Tony to do what he believes is best in the moral setting of the society at large. Detective Graham Waters who hates the manner in which a white detective shooting an off duty black cop, he is later persuaded to accept the racial explanation that is offered. On later occasions Detective Waters family integrated to bond perfectly with Sergeant Ryan’s family. Higgs cleverly uses characters from across different cultures to bring out the real situation in the current society.

Social Strains and Ethnic Strive in the Movie

The story in crash movie clearly indicates the existing social strains encompassing race and further within particular groups. In this daring narration Paul shows envy and its effects on society. However he dares to regroup this difference of cultures and gives them a new identity. The movie setting is Loss Angels, actors and actresses come from different cultures and color lines in Present America. The sub-cultures include: whites, blacks, Latinos, Asian, and Middle Easterners. These sub-groups lifestyles are separated by over-reliance on automobiles. For instance the whites ride in heavy and elegant vehicles. The blacks ride in less sophisticated cars. Both cultures are comfortable only in the presence of their races. The contact of all the players in the movie is rowdy and molestation of people from other races is prevalent throughout the whole film. The blacks for instance are associated with burglary and stealing. The whites like an expensive kind of lifestyle, while the Persian, Asians and Iranians are a business oriented group. In addition, each sub-culture in the movie is strange to the other and we find cohesion amongst the players is minimal. Every one culture is prejudiced over the other and perceives that it is more placed than the other.

Ethnic strive is depicted throughout the narration. This conflict can be found when Sandra Bullock openly hurls discriminatory words against someone from another race. Many things are boldly covered in the movie. In the story Paul haggis in crash movie depicts the interconnection challenges of cultures through communication. Even though there are difficulties in the interaction which is evidently contained in the suspicions of one subgroup to another through cultural set up. For instance, whites, Latinos, Asians and other ethnic groups throughout have always harbored barriers created by this suspicion. These barriers have positioned them separately from interacting. However, Paul haggis magically collects these groups into one single society that is interconnected through this movie and successfully breaks this suspicion barrier creates a society with common goals. This meaningful interaction further develops into a social trust that is e evident between them into love affairs.

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Paul haggis coincidentally in the narration solely plots persuasively and forces people from their cultural cocoons into exposing the effects of prejudice that exist within societies all over the world. This results to another creation that is trusted with other cultures.  Besides, the quality of context in crash movie realizes the deposits contained in these people who are scattered in different subgroups. This exposes the power in communication that was lying in waste within these subgroups.

Previously in the movie an African American couple is depicted to be victims of discrimination. There are also levels of ignorance from them as they try to find out whether they have been victims.  This ignorance is evident in their debate on what transpired in a restaurant they had visited. This debate eventually arouses in them hatred for other culture and causes them to car jack the Los Angels district attorney rick Cameroon and his wife. The hijacked couple is also bedeviled with worries over their involvement in a robbery that they were coming from. It is after this robbery a few moments which they had engaged in by robbing a Persian businessman.

On the other hand, in the same town there is harassment of a black couple. The narrator daring audacity clearly invokes the public with the need to realize how our character directly affects other people. It also conveys the levels to which that effect can be while also showing the type of thing it will arouse in them. 

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