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The main argument of the article is that the urban economy is kept in motion through clothing practices cities connected into the global economy. In the context of Dakar in Senegal, the youth have come up with modes and styles that are elegant despite the endemic poverty that is experienced in the city. These trends are deeply entrenched in youth Cosmopolitanism where young people strive to march standards of other young people in more affluent societies. However, this comes at a price where the youth have to engage in behaviors that are antisocial and tolerating acts of dishonesty. These activities involve smuggling and peddling of goods in the streets which the government is unable to stop. Although these young people are smartly dressed, many of them are quite poor but being trendy is a priority to them. The activities that Dakar youths engage in are as result of lack of formal jobs. They have to create jobs in the formal sector and therefore the clothing and fashion business has become very important. This is the informal sector where many young people derive their daily livelihood and end up becoming an important sector of the economy. Due to their struggles and love of fashion, the older generation has viewed the youth negatively. They are often associated with drugs and loose morals which is not exactly true although some of them engage in risky behaviors. 

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