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Free Example of Dante's Inferno Essay

Dante’s inferno is a tale based on the medieval period where Dante embarks on an eternal journey of his descendants. This essay is mainly created for college students to breakdown the various parts of the Dante Alighieri work of spoken words.  Due to language barriers which might result to communication breakdown, I have translated some part of the excerpts from the poem. The poem will be translated from Italian to English for crystal clear understanding.

Che facevan gran pietre rotte in cerchio means a great rock broken into circles. This phrase can be explained as the moment in time when the Virgil and Dante are taken through a raven of broken pieces of rocks as they fought tooth and nail to destroy and kill any soul that emerges from the river. Dante uses the centaurs, and Nessus to be precise to help him navigate the treacherous rings which are as a result of the broken rocks.

As Virgil and Dante rode on the back of Nessus, they came across someone who appeared familiar; they saw souls including Alexander the great, Dionysius and Atilla the hun. The tyrants had lied deeper in the river, as they paid dearly for their sins. These were people who perpetrated violence on the face of human race. They masterminded massacres such as the near extermination of the Jews by the Nazis.

Intendi come e perché son costretti means hear how and why of their confinement. All those who had transgressions of magnitude proportion in terms of the gravity of their sins were subjected to a confinement where they will spend all their eternity in anguish and pain.

The Nessus was to transport Virgil and Dante from the First Ring of the Seventh circle to the Second Ring of the Seventh circle of Hell. In the Second Ring of the Seventh circle where they were ushered in another Hell where cries were very loud and the souls were invisible to them. Souls in this ring had been transformed to trees.

Cantos 11, is a nerve-wrecking point in time where all the souls face their consequences over their wrongdoings while on earth. The First Ring is a murky world which Vigil and Dante must stay vigilante and alert so as not to be caught up with the wrath of the spiritual or eternal vindications. The events taking place in the underworld marked by the death of Jesus Christ is figuratively and literally expressed in alignment with the Last judgment which God will cast upon mankind.

Dante’s Inferno showcases how God will indict and subject every individual’s wrongdoing to an excruciating exactitude. Dante points out that punishment will vary according to one’s degree of sin. The most ruthless indictment from God is the throwing of the sinners to the pool of boiling blood where they will eternally be submerged and face the full wrath of God’s judgment.

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