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Dead Poets Society is a motivating film set in the 1950s. This movie talks on Romanticism, which emphasizes on an individual’s ability to express emotion and imagination as well as rebellion of social rules and principles. The film stars Robin Williams as Mr. Keating and Robert Sean (Neil). The film bases on a conservative and high standard school, Welton Academy that was in Vermont in the year 1959, which contrast the modern schools of today.

The main story surrounds a teacher of English, Mr. Keting, who inspires students by teaching poetry. Mr. Keting told his student’s about his time in school and the Dead poets’ society club. Some students decided to form a club similar to their teacher’s while in school. The conservativeness of the school forces the students to sneak out into the woods, where they discussed poetry, philosophy and other topics. The school condemned discussion because students had to think for themselves. Mr. Keting encouraged the students to pursue what was wanted and desired for, and this is what Dead Poets Society was all about - chasing dreams.

This film is a reflection of what the society is, because it condemns what most parents do. Parents sometimes force their children to pursue careers or professionalism they do not want. This is evident from Neil’s life. Neil wanted to be an actor against his parents, who expect him to go for respected careers such as law and medicine. Because of pressure from parents, Neil finally committed suicide. In addition, the boys in the school had to know their ambitions at a much younger age, just as in the present, and express themselves well.

It is necessary to maintain one’s individual identity and pursue personal dreams without letting other people to destroy it. Also, parents should not force children to do what they do not want. It is encouraging that students help themselves achieve their dreams. Therefore, this movie is motivational and encourages freedom of expressing and pursuing ones dreams.

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