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Free Example of Different Life Styles Essay

This is a short story of two college friends, Ken and Mark who stayed together in the same hostel but had totally different lifestyles. From the very beginning, there was an obvious difference because Ken was an African from Kenya and Mark was white from America. Ken came from a middle class family while Mark came from upper class family. Ken grew up in a religious family and he prioritized education and religion at his young age; he went to church with his parents every Sunday. Mark on the other hand grew up in a wealth neighborhood and neither his parents nor neighbors knew about going to church. When they met in college they become friends and decided to stay together not knowing what their living could be like.

At college Ken was humble and loving and additionally, he was social and liked parting. As his routine was he went to church every Sunday to worship and socialize more for that was his hobby. On the contrary Mark was rude, harsh and rough and he hated religion and he did not want anything concerning the church. His hobby was raving, attending night club parties and sex.

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The most interesting part of those friends is that as Ken went to church to pray, Mark went to rave and drink. It was coincidental that when Ken come back  from church singing songs of praise, Mark come back home singing secular songs praising his girlfriends and the alcohol he drunk.

The two friends continued to live together in the same hostel as room mates for three years but each one lived his own life style. Ken attempted to correct Mark of his bad life style but all was in vain. After college Ken got a job as a bank manger and he wedded after two years and they lived happily with his wife and two kids. On the other had Mark stayed for quite some time before he got a job as a sales manager of a big company. Contrary to Ken, he was married after ten years to a lady he met while raving in one of the clubs in town and unfortunately this lady did not make a good wife. Mary, Mark’s wife liked raving too much and could not sleep at home almost for the whole week. Marks family was in a mess ad he did not give birth to any child.

Those unique friends remained faithful to their life style all along. In college they stayed together without fighting or locking horns to one another and every body wondered how they managed. Still out of college each is leading a totally different life in which case Ken is still an ardent Christian and Mark is still the old atheist. One time Ken was going home after attending a church service with his family and luckily he met Mark very drunk singing his old secular music. They hugged one another and people wondered to see an American atheist hugging An African Christian. It was a riddle which remained unsolved for many who witnessed the incident. Only Ken and Mark knew the answer that you may have different lifestyles but still live peacefully with people.

Ken and Mark stayed together in college as room mates but each one led a different life style due to their difference in backgrounds. They loved one another even though they had disparities of life styles and even after college they still continued to be friends. Thus it can be concluded that disparities in lifestyles is not antagonism but can be a bond uniting people forever. 

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