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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Is one of the best plays written by Edward Albee. Its original cast included Uta Hagen who played Martha, Arthur Hill who played George, Melinda Dillon who played Honey and lastly George Grizzard who played Nick. The titles for Acts One, Two, and Three in this play have great significance.

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For instance act one which is named 'fun and games' is characterized by a lot of playful conversations and witty exchanges between the characters. This is seen in the conversations of Martha and George for instance when Martha talks about how she embarrassed George by punching him before his father. In act two called `Walpurgisnacht’ more dramatic events take place here also we see more arguments between George and others like Martha and Nick which turn out to be dirt. Act three is called `the exorcism’ where we see a lot of cultural and religious beliefs and practices concerning the eviction of demons and spiritual demons.

Vonnegut frames Slaughterhouse-Five with what appear to be autobiographical chapters. I think Vonnegut does this because of quite a number of reasons. That is one of the reasons why the book is so interesting. Vonnegut articulates his ideas in a very creative way his voice is prominent in the writing and that makes it look like he is telling it in person rather than in a literary work. This is done to make the story more vivid and more interesting.

Little quirks are seen in his works and this shows that Vonnegut is sort of plagued by what some scholars call post-dramatic disorder. This effect is produced by creatively giving the themes of the novel a lot of attention by being very descriptive. By being overly descriptive Vonnegut attempts to capture the attention of the reader and he does so by giving a detailed background of the characters. Vonnegut has a fascinating way of writing that you can’t ignore because it comes out in a very realistic way.

Everyone seemed to agree that The Waste Land was a very difficult poem to read. It was difficult in so many ways, first I seem to always find any literary works edited by Ezra Pound a bit complicated and with language and style that doesn’t appeal or give one an easy time to read. This poem is extremely modernist and it is explained in five different parts and it also keeps on switching between different characters, places, time,s and even the language making the reader to be thoroughly confused and to lose attention.

Eliot comes across as one who is well-read and he incorporates works and ideas or very many other prominent writers, for instance, William Shakespeare in his works. This in many ways confuses his audience. He passes across his points by using allusions and even by making extensive quotations of holy books for instance the Bible and other anthropological works. Many people find his works hard to read and obscure.

The significance of Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire is varied depending on how the reader looks at it. In sharp contrast to the self-effacing or even the deferential Stella and the pretentious refinement with which we see Blanche who is Stella's husband is a bit brutish and always dominates her. Stella is used to highlight the plight of a frustrated woman who is unappreciated and abused physically by her husband in society.

This is heightened by the fact that Stella thinks that she is being shown love by being abused and therefore she tolerates her husband’s primal behaviors. His animalistic way of doing things seems to be one of Stella’s attraction to him something that Blanche doesn’t seem to quite understand. Stella is seen as a very caring woman who has a soft spot for people in general and this is seen in her concern for her sister's social well-being. Stella also is used to portray other subliminal roles and virtues like perseverance in this troubled home.

Nick is an entirely reliable narrator in The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is a novel that is written by an American author called F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story is basically told through the eyes of Nick Carraway. He is like a participant narrator who is also the main character. Nick is indeed a good and reliable narrator; it is through good qualities as a good narrator that we see the narration look interesting. This is seen when, at the beginning, he describes himself as very open-minded, humble, and doesn’t judge others. That introductory remark makes him look trustworthy and reliable.

This is seen when he with out fear, exposes the negative aspects of the upper-class people of New York. He maintains his high moral standards throughout the story by staying away from corrupt people and he even exposes them. He maintains his objectivity throughout the story and uses facts to describe various observations and aspects that he doesn’t like.

The best short story I read this semester was `cell phone ‘ by Ingo Schulze. The reason why I say this was one of the best short stories I read was that it was very witty and vivid also found it pensive and very humorous. I noted that when the writer says that until when he was narrating it, he had never shared his phone number with anybody except his wife.

The narrator believes that he hesitantly betrays his wife’s direct love line if he shares his phone number with, for instance, a neighbor who has a torn mailbox and fence destroyed by brats. The book is interesting in the way one of the characters believes that sharing his number could be and an innocent friendly gesture but seriously threatens his relationship with Constanze. I really liked this.

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