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Other than being a masterpiece show of desire, sex, and power, Dreamworld 3 proves to be more than just another music video. It portrays some elements of prejudice and discrimination based on sex especially against women as well as conditions and attitudes that promote stereotypes of social roles based on sex. This culminates into some amounts of hatred and contempt directed towards a particular gender especially women as portrayed in the movie (Macionis and John 2010).

Dreamworld 3 majorly tells a story about girls and women and tries to motivate or rather encourage people to see and even believe how this shapes the individual and the general cultural attitudes about sexuality in the society. However, in a broader view, this narrative ends up creating a stereotype about women which is repugnant according to the theme of the movie. It clearly displays how popular music uses and abuses women depicting how the society views women as a whole. It does an exemplary job though in exposing a hyper sexualized culture in the society which we live in (Macionis and John 2010).

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Apart from also showing the influence of the media on culture, the video elaborates how the society has been seeing women in general. They have been materialized into an object of sexuality and deprived of their self-worthiness. Most women were made believe this and accept it as their fate in the society. Their image has been tarnished and reduced to being sexy. The video has been equally met by frustration and reactions about how popular music portrays women in the society begging the question, is it all about making money or are they just using women as a bait to make multi-platinum sales? (Macionis and John 2010).

The images portrayed could and probably do lead to sexual violence against women. This is because the motion picture exposes women as just simple beings equivalent to items which can easily be used and misused sexually. However, this is hardly close to the truth. Women in general have a dignity to safeguard in the society, and any portrayals that display them as otherwise only amount to sexism (Macionis and John 2010).

A close look at the behaviors and attitudes portrayed in the video are just but a complete reflection of the exact things that happen in our immediate environment. The narrative also tells of masculine domination over the female gender and tries to make people believe this. Some of the pornographic imaginations show that women are trapped in the pornographic gaze, and their intention is to sexually please others.

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