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Q1. What has been the largest ethnic minority in California in recent decades?

In the last decade, the largest ethnic minority in California have been Latinos (Osman 1614). In most of the census that was carried out at this period showed that Latinos were the minority. The community found itself in America during the World War I which happened between 1910 and 1920. They migrated from Mexico to the south west of America. However, upon settling there, majority of these people were treated as laborers. Major setbacks to their growth were language barrier which blocked their economic advancement and social assimilation. The community was discriminated in terms of race though they took a very active role in the development of California. They further took a very active role in organization of the community before and after the world war. At the time of formation of the congress between 1930s there was dedication by the authority to protect the liberty of civilians especially those who brought out positive development in the society. Latinas, being development oriented gained major support from the rest of the states which brought out health relationship with the rest of the people. This made it possible for them to enjoy growth and lack discrimination. Moreover, Latinas enjoyed protection from leaders in that century. Leaders like Luisa Moreno, Delores del Rio and Anthony Quinn are some of the leaders who fought discrimination and put a lot of effort to see that the Mexican American had a wonderful stay in California. World War II which happened in 1940 brought many setbacks to this minority community. Many Latinos were tortured, some killed and others brutally treated. Moreover, racial discrimination was still a setback to the growth of this community. They further experienced social injustice judicial system.

Q2. Did California's prison population decline or increase between 1980 and 2000? Why?

Between 1980 and 2000, the population of the prisoners in California increased at a very high rate of about 500 percent (Ruth 18). A number of factors led to this increase in population. The main factor that led to this increase in population was due to the high increase of war on crime. The authority took the action of prosecuting the gangs that have been involved in these crimes leading to high number of people that were taken to jail. Most of the people that were jailed were Hispanic inmates who made about 37 percent of the total in mates. Drug epidemic which was on increase between late 1975 and 1982 was also another factor that contributed to this growth (Richburg and Surdin). Drugs were an epidemic that was being considered to be a threat to public. Authorities took action of prosecuting all those that were involved in the illegal business. At the same time, the government built many prisons at this period in order to counter the foreseen instability. It is at this period that 23 new prisons were built. Another factor that led to this growth is that there was an increase in prison sentences which meant that prisoners had to spent more time in jail that it was in earlier years. Lack of employment led to many youths to commit crimes. Most of the crimes that were reported were property related. Authorities passed laws that were to tame the increase in crime and consequently, this led to increase in number of prisoners. For instance, the three strike law required life sentence for persons that had been convicted of three crimes.

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