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Free Example of Everyday Use by Alice Walker Essay

1. Which additional story did you choose to read?

The additional story I chose to read is “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker that is an anthologized short story. It was published in 1973 as one of Alice Walker’s tale from the collection of short stories named In Love and Trouble. The story has been told in a first person narration perspective by Mama. She is a black American woman from Deep South.

2. Where does the story take place?

The short and complicated story takes place in the rural south area during the 1960’s period. The described area was full of changes. The traditional values and ways of life were constantly changing. Through the narrator’s eye, the audience is directed to the specific setting where the story takes place. The reader finds out about the house of family and the heirlooms that cover the ground. The house has three rooms. It has roofs that are made of tin. The windows are small holes, cut from the sides of the house without a definite shape. The setting creates a scene that reveals the traditions and poor conditions that the family lives in (Walker 3).

3. Who are the main characters?

The story has several main characters who play specific roles. The first main character of the story is Mama who is the narrator. She is also called Mrs. Johnson and is middle aged.  She is independent, overweight and strong. The story revolves around Mama and her family. Everything is happening in her house. Maggie is the second daughter who lives with Mrs. Johnson. She is an innocent and simple character who has traditional Southern life.  Dee is the other main character in the story. She is the eldest daughter of Mama and a sister to Maggie. She is outgoing, well educated and determined. She is modernized and gets anything she wants no matter what it takes (Walker 6).

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