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The short story is about African heritage and family values in the society. Alice walker introduces readers to the roles played by women in the family. The story is told from a motherís perspective showing her two daughters who have different characteristics and ways of life. The story is about Dee and Maggie and their conflicting ideologies about their ancestry and identity. The story depicts Mama as a poor woman having trouble with one of her daughters. Dee comes from college and clashes with Maggie because of the ownership of heirloom quilts. The class between Dee and Maggie clearly shows their contrasting ideas about their identity and heritage. It is at this moment that Dee shows her dislike for her heritage. For instance, Dee says she wants her butter chum for decoration purposes (Walker 8).

5. What is the conflict?

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The conflict in the story is about the contrasting characters between Dee and Maggie with regard to their identity and heritage. The conflict starts with the fact that Maggie envies Dee because the world seems to favor her. When there was a fire at their house, Dee escaped unburned but she was burned and has scars in her hands and legs. Dee is educated and lives in the city while she lives in rural south and is not as educated as Dee is. Therefore, the conflict revolves around their ways of life (Walker 9).

6. What did you think of the story?

The story is a captivating story that shows the effects of modernization on a personís life. Through Dee, it shows that education and city life change the ways of thinking and life that could make one abandon her culture. It also shows the magnitude of women in the society especially those who are mothers. However, it also shows that sometimes parents do not have control over their childrenís lives especially when they are determined to change the conditions of their lives (Walker 11).

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