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Besides fair use, there are also other exceptions including exceptions for education purposes. This means that one can make many manual copies of musical, artistic, literary or dramatic works. This can be produced for the purposes of training. This means that a tutor can redraw a diagram on a whiteboard which can then be copied by students. However, this exception does not cover any reprographic copying. For instance photocopying, this can only be possible if a license held by the learning institution allows it.

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In addition, any work or save printed music, may be reproduced only if it has the purpose of setting or answering questions meant for examination or any assessed work. Students must be trained to acknowledge the material which they uplift. This means that students should be directed to cite the source of the materials.
One may perform any dramatic, Literary or musical works and also do some sound recordings, broadcasts and play films to the students and trainers in the learning institution premises for the purpose of education only. The exception would not by any means be extended to any performance open to the public, whether they are parents of the students or not.
One can do any recordings of broadcasts that may not be covered with the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) or the Open University Broadcast Licenses, but this must not be made for commercial purposes, but educational purposes and the viewers should be the tutors and students on the learning institution premises only.

Only the students or the staff can do copying of video and sound recordings and broadcasts only for preparation of a film or any soundtrack in the course of academic instruction, or in the course of preparing any academic instruction. It should be noted that allowance of this exception is only when done by the staff or students. These are the exceptions acknowledged by copyright law as educational exceptions.

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