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Free Example of Functional Bathroom Essay

One of the key issues regarding this bathroom is Mr and Mrs Springerís desire for an accessible and functional bathroom. But that is no reason to have a dull or boring bathroom. A wall can be torn down to open up the bathroom and to make a changing area. Electrical heaters can be placed low to the baseboards in order to save space, and an air conditioning unit can be placed above the toilet tank.

The main thing, however, is to ensure the bathroom is well built and looks good. Colourful tiling and be put on the walls and floor. The pattern doesnít have to be outrageous, but some bright colours can really enliven a room, especially one in a basement. A multi-directional showerhead shower stall (about 3.5 feet squared) can add a touch of class and also economize on space.

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As for the woodwork, a nice, long bench could be built out of stained wood next to the sink which would, of course, have all new fixtures. There could also be a few niches inset into the walls where candles could be placed in order to shed alluring light throughout the room. Lighting is always important. The bathroom mirror on the far wall should also be well-lit. Done professionally, this bathroom could be especially beautiful.

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