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Custom Future Plans Essay

Since the beginning of the 21st century, global marketplace has been subject to ongoing economic instability and regulatory change. Every major industry has been affected by fluctuating business trends and increasingly versatile marketing tools used worldwide. Therefore, after studying economics at university, I would like to explore the synergy between the economic analysis of international market mechanisms and the identification of consumer needs in marketing. My aspiration for global marketing strategy has motivated me to further my education in the field of international business. I believe my Master’s curriculum will make me more knowledgeable in the subject and allow me to carry out independent research in business and apply my findings in practice.

As a distinguished business education institution, Yonsei School of Business offers a highly versatile program that can help me achieve my academic and professional goals. Its outstanding faculty, spectacular resource base, and vibrant learning community with a strong track record of cross-disciplinary education are the key reasons that are now inspiring me to join the Master’s program at your School. I believe, besides giving me a firm research foundation in service marketing, which is my main interest, your program will also help me uncover my full potential as a global business professional and a pre-Ph.D. student.

International business today is fuelled by the dynamic processes of globalization, which means that business education is in demand as never before. Speaking of my prospective research in international business, I am seeking to understand how economic, cultural, and political forces affect investment, products, and business growth opportunities in the international market. I would like to learn and apply strategic reasoning in capturing growth and approaching consumption in emerging markets and focuses on understanding to what extent consumption in emerging markets.

Specifically, I have strong interests in consumer behavior and decision-making. I intend to focus on consumer habits and responsiveness to service marketing. In order to develop the analytical tools for such problems, I will explore the impacts of consumer behavior, such as personality, demographic variables, social class, and culture, on the formation of consumers' attitudes, consumption, and purchasing behavior. Hence, I am going to study the interface between service marketing and consumer decision-making, especially in how customer satisfaction relates to other drivers of business performance. This includes an understanding of the evolution of management thought, customer and employee service experience, as well as alternative service strategies.

Thereby, I will focus on how multinational corporations contribute to the service economy and create a competitive service advantage. I am going to explore both traditional service retail firms and business-to-business firms and how they create an effective service strategy and competitive advantage by linking activities and providing solutions to customer problems. I also look forward to examining the factors that affect international marketing decisions, e.g., the challenges of entering and operating effectively in foreign markets by utilizing international economic variables, foreign cultures, nationalism, government influences, economic development, etc.

Over the course of my experience in the United States, I have gained new insights, expanded my horizons, and broadened perspectives on global business issues. I have also built a good balance of interpersonal skill and teamwork by interacting and working in a team with diverse backgrounds and unique personalities. These experiences did not only develop my flexibility in dealing with a variety of people but also provided me the international network of contacts. Since these things are essential in the international business, they will be of great benefit to my field of study, as well.

During my undergraduate studies in Economics, I have equipped myself with useful microeconomic tools to analyze a wide range of consumer preferences and economic behavior. I have taken several important Economics courses, including Intermediate Micro/Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Statistics, Informatics, Advanced Calculus, International Trade, Game Theory, and other equivalent disciplines. This coursework has provided me with a solid knowledge of research methodology and a better understanding of the function of firms and markets.

After completion of a Master’s degree in International Business, I plan to accomplish two goals. First, I would like to be a leading global marketing strategist, as I hope my research will advance both theory and practice. I would like to learn how business concepts and theory can be extrapolated to real life and solve hands-on problems in international business. Second, I intend to complement my Master’s degree with a PhD in Global Marketing so as to pursue a career of college professor and researcher. And last, I believe I can make a great contribution to my field of study, as well as benefit Yonsei School of Business. I am confident I have the skills and research aptitude necessary to meet the high standards of your university, and therefore I am eager to seek out new challenges at the best business school in Korea.

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