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According to the article, global warming threatens the advancement of China to prosperity by shrinking rivers, cutting back crop production, and unleashing extreme floods and droughts (Reuters, 2012). China leads in the emission of greenhouse gas pollution and has the second largest economy worldwide. It is predicted that, in the coming decades, the economy of China is likely to rival that of the United States in terms of size. However, the increasing emissions of CO2 gas from industries, the transport sector as well as the changing land-use in China are likely to trigger extensive consequences to its promising economy (Reuters, 2012). China is already facing extremely severe environmental and ecological conditions caused by the global warming effect, and it is feared that, without proper measures to counter the problem, the country’s grain output is likely to fall from five to twenty percent by the year 2050 (Reuters, 2012). However, according to the article, the fall can be restrained by improving farming practices, crop choice, increasing fertilizer use, and irrigation. China is the most populated country in the world and the leading cereal consumer worldwide. Following decreased grain production, the country has been forced to import soy beans and corn to feed its populations (Reuters, 2012).

Because of the severe droughts and floods associated with climate change that results in either too little or too much water, the article predicts that climate change could cause severe imbalances in the water resources of China within and across the years. the majority of regions will experience increasing concentration of precipitation during the autumn and summer rainy seasons, while droughts and floods are also likely to become increasingly frequent (Reuters, 2012). The article states that, without effective response measures to curb the effects of global warming by the end of the twenty first century, climate change could pose a threat to China’s food security. There is likelihood of shifts in crop patterns in China in the coming years with more rice as well as other crops being grown in the northeast due to its warmer climate and surplus rainfall (Reuters, 2012). However, in the northwest of China, especially Xinjiang, where cotton is grown, dwindling water availability could result in a significant reduction in agricultural crop productivity (Reuters, 2012). According to the article, China emits a quarter of the global CO2, and its emission will start falling just after 2030. It is estimated that China will spend $1.5 trillion on emissions reduction efforts by 2020 (Reuters, 2012).

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China being the leading emitter of greenhouse gases worldwide should be in the forefront in the fight against global warming. However, the country has not committed to reducing its emissions as evident by its failure to sign the Kyoto protocol. According to China, it is the countries with established economic powers that should take the responsibility of cutting carbon emissions. China, alongside other developing economies such as India, is reported to have said that they will do everything they can to restrict the growth of emissions on condition that their economies do not suffer. In my opinion, such a position is highly unjust and provides them with an economic advantage over their competitors like the United States.

Despite China’s non-commitment in curbing climate change, it has started experience the effects of global warming from extreme floods and droughts, severe imbalances in the water resources to significant cutback in its agricultural crop productivity; these extensive consequences threaten the advancement of its promising economy (Reuters, 2012). It is high time that China realized that global warming is a global problem that requires the cooperation and commitment of all nations worldwide to solve irrespective of their economic position. The negative impacts of climate change being experienced in China should serve as a wake up call to enable it intensify its emission reduction efforts for the sake of its economy.

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