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Following the election of Obama in 2008 whose campaign promise was to overhaul the healthcare system, many have had different views on the state of healthcare when the healthcare bill was passed later in 2009. In this paper, we will examine both views; that the current state of healthcare system is doing good and also look at the improvements being suggested by others to change the current state of affairs.

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During a recent campaign in Virginia, the president called the reforms “the most important patients’ bill of rights that they have ever seen in history. He further claimed that the American people who had been previously let out of the system can now enjoy healthcare (Condon S. 2010). And indeed before the bill was passed, an average of 34 millions Americans was not covered by the healthcare scheme but now they can enjoy coverage thanks to the reforms.

Although many agree to the above opinion, they still suggest that the American healthcare still needs reforms. They claim that the US faces the greatest healthcare challenges. From consuming a high percentage of GDP, to lack of affordability for the patient, they claim that the US model is the most expensive in the world. But again they agree that the last few years have seen substantial changes, healthcare has been observable changes for an increasingly challenging environment. They also agree that the problem is aggravated by a growing population and the effects of economic crisis.  This is further compounded by rising incidences of chronic diseases that require constant medication and a higher population of aging adults.

Some neutral experts suggest that the healthcare overhaul has increased the nation’ s healthcare tab rather than reducing costs although it will achieve the aim of expanding healthcare insurance to another 34 million uncovered Americans. The report also warns that Medicare cuts may be unrealistic and may drive 15% of hospitals out of business and aggravate access to Medicare but said that some of the cost-control measures undertaken like Medicare cuts will reduce the rate of cost increases by the year 2020 (The Associated Press 2010).


From the reports above, we see that although there have been improvements on the healthcare reform, more needs to be done to give the American people the best but cheaper healthcare affordable to all. 

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