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Modern culture is characterized by high information and technological development. People created tools for improvement of their lives. However, the issue of healthy eating is the issue and stigma of the modern culture. The topic became more popular during the last decade, when the number of the overweight people has grown rapidly. Healthy eating helps to develop the life-long habit, which is a part of healthy way of life. However, the ideas on this topic differ from person to person.

Myers and Steendahl recommend do not to skip breakfast, lunch and avoid late dinner. In addition, they point out that the choice of the snacks should be made carefully. Another interesting part of the article is connected journal. Authors advise to write down every meal and the emotional state before and after.

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Maya Paul with co-authors of the article on the topic Healthy Eating: Easy Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet and Sticking to It also mention about the three meals importance, but highlight that before the devotion to the healthy way of life, it is important to be prepared mentally. No one expects that the habit of health eating will pop up from nowhere. So the authors advice to begin with small steps, fix the result and then move to the next stage. †The authors of the article pay attention to the fact that the way we eat also influence the way we feel. In addition, they advise to have colorful meals with a health crabs and grains. According to Maya Paulís article, one of the steps to the healthy eating is moderation. However, there is mentioned, that the shortage of the salt and sugar will markedly improve health. In conclusion, they advise to take more healthy fat and vitamins in the form of vegetables.

William Sears in his article also claims, that breakfast I important for the health, as no one will set out on a road trip, when gas tank is empty. As a result, person, after seven or eight hours of sleep, needs to have enough energy for the coming day. The author of the Three Rules for Healthy Eating points out that crabs are important part of the ration and must be chosen with the high attention, as the wrong choice influence health and can cause problems. The point is that they differ a lot, and the positive impact is measured differently. In addition he uses bullet point to show which crabs and fats, in his opinion, are healthy.

In overall, all authors support the idea that the success of the healthy eating depends on the variety of the food. However, all provided advices evidence that they use one-way approach in the promoting the health eating. Despite this fact, the balanced meal is on of the steps on the way to the health eating, which starts from the understanding of your body and its needs, because every person has own particular insights where and what to take.

All authors agree that breakfast is important for the human, as it gives you strength for the following day and is the most important part of the three-time meal. However, Myers and Steendahl in their article say, that person must arrange a five-time meal, which is only about fruits. Sears also points out, that fruits are one of the corner stones in the healthy eating. The evidence differs from author to author. The reason for this can be the fact, that these two articles are mainly based on personal experience. To add, the information of article Healthy Eating: Easy Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet and Sticking to It does not have any information on the number of meals.

As it was mentioned above, the two care statements of the article were the development and improvement of the mental health and understanding how moderation works and influence the health and processes connected with the mental state. However, all authors as one advice not to eat at night, because the metabolism becomes slower and this is one of the first steps to obesity. In order to disperse metabolism Myers and Steendahl advise to drink few glasses of cold water during the day.† †

Another interesting position of the authors is connected with the take of the fats. Most of them point out that in order to get started with the healthy eating one should add to his/her diet monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. As a result, all authors say that the best way to get them is to use olive oil in the salad instead the mayonnaise. In each article there is information, that saturated fats and trans fats are dangerous for the health. Some of them cause cancer or other illnesses. As it is know, another way to get the necessary amount of fat is meat. Usually authors advise to prepare fish. Sears claims that it is good to learn to prepare it in different ways. Nobody mention about the influence of the pork, beef or chicken. However, United States of America are one of the leaders in consuming of beef and pork.†

A huge part of the articles is paid to fruits. Myers and Steendahl are convinced that fruits mast be on the table during every meal. Maya Paul and co-authors point out that it is important to keep the diversity in the fruit choice. Moreover, they think, the more color there is the better meal becomes. Sears also mentions that fruits should become one of the need-to-have habits. In addition authors of the Healthy Eating: Easy Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet and Sticking to It claims that people, especially young parents, should remember, that fats are important in the process of assimilation of the vitamins from the fruits. That is why average people, as well as young parents should keep balance between fats and vitamins.

Despite the fact that the topic of three articles is aiming to show the ways for the improvement of the healthy eating habit, they have few disadvantages. As it was mentioned above every person is individual and has own understanding what is good or wrong. So, for example, for one person is okay to eat at night and still remain healthy and have a well shaped body, while another tries to understand how works another modern diet.

Here the point is that each body is unique and the idea about the mental health, mentioned in the Maya Paul article, is probably the core of all happiness and unhappiness of the person. For some people the food is a tool to avoid problems. As a result, people start to eat everything in order to forget. Such behavior causes an immense harm to the personís health.

In my opinion, as soon as people will understand and except the fact the food is part of us, as it influence our body and our mind, the healthy eating, which is now positioned as diet, will change its appearance. Sooner or later, people will learn to listen to their bodies, understand the insights and eat the needed food, instead of following principles, which usually were efficient only for the one, who talks about them. The ideas, provided in the articles are the basis scheme and it should not be taken for granted.

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