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Custom Human Relations between the Elderly and Robots Essay

The research to develop robots that can replace human interaction in various day to day activities has been trying to advance for years. The reason for this research is to provide the elderly with companionship in instances where they lack companionship, and thus avoid loneliness. Furthermore, this field is trying to advance to provide a means in which people can vent out their anger without destroying their relations with other people. The research question is controversial as well as it is implausible to achieve it. Human interaction is fundamental to every person making robots incapable of achieving human status due to the limitations in their mechanical, let alone emotional flexibility.

The focus of the research was on the most celebrated robots like Asimo in the UK and Paro in Japan. The two robots elucidate the incapability of the robots to function without human interaction with them too. The inadequacy in their automation makes them redundant in accomplishing their task. Therefore, the research indeed focused on the right information to explain the impossibility of the replacement of human interaction by robots.

The thesis statement is in agreement with my view of the idea of application of robots in daily life of elderly persons. There is a wide scope of challenges that elderly persons face making it difficult for the robots to adapt to all of them. The inability of a robot to progress in a relationship with a human like humans do amongst themselves make them obsolete with time. Therefore, a robot cannot replace a human being in the daily interactions with elderly persons. This is accordance with the thesis of the research on these relationships.

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