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Jeffrey Moussaeff Masson the author of the book The Face on Your Plate: The Truth about Food describes his life as a vegetarian and the importance of adapting to that kind of life. The book shows the beginnings and many things behind the foods we eat which are all timely and insightful. The author `s argument is that we have to let go of all the things that are concerned with hurting of the animals so as to stop their many cries .Therefore, he suggests that the most important or reasonable answer to the animal sufferings and to be in position to meet the needs of the both the present and future generation to our food consumption is by taking up a †non-harmful life, which includes doing no harm to animals just for the sake of meeting dietís requirements ,thus that †means living a vegetarian lifestyle. The author presents his arguments on the basis that there should be less or completely no eating of meat or animal products such as milk, cheese, bacon and eggs because these animals are living creatures which deserve to be protected just like human beings. He goes ahead to argue that consumption of animal products has a connection to the global warming; the terrifying experiences of animals in the farming factories and the bad effects aquaculture causes on the fish populations. Thus, he explains that, the vegetarians do not use animal products because of their own health reasons, the animalís health and for the general health of the environment .For instance; he argues out that animals are raised in uncondusive areas, offspring separated from them immediately and even taxed highly. The author shows that the unhealthy circumstances of these animals lead to environmental pollution especially water pollution because of their run-offs; the human beings are also affected by this pollution particularly those who come into direct contact with the wastes produced. These unethical and poor conditions are occurring because many people have refused to follow the rule of being vegetarians. The author has shown some strength in his argument especially when he gives the negative side of using animal products in our daily lives, but he failed to consider the facts that environmental pollution is as a result of other factor which are not based on the use of animal products .Therefore we can use animal products in our consumptions but in a sustainable manner so that we can be in position to meet the present and future needs of our generation (Regan 34).

In my thesis, I will defend the author who is Masson because problems experienced from industrial farming are many and quite disgusting† since many people are not ready to let go the habit of consuming animal products such as meat ,pork milk and eggs. Many people have no conscience on effects caused by a single bite of the foods eaten on the land, especially on water, and the subsequent climatic change. They do not stop to think on the major results farming practices such as denying animals a chance to be with their offspring. Animals like cows and chicken never get a chance to be together with their offspring for a long time because they have to produce more for taxation purposes, for example a hen is made to lay more eggs in short period of time, while the cow is denied a chance to breastfeed its calve because more milk is needed for consumption by human. Therefore, it will be better if people stopped just for a minute to ask themselves the kind of torture they put on these animals, the pain they go through when they are being slaughtered, and the unhealthy conditions they grow up in for example, crowded and dirty houses. Human beings are advised to pay attention to the cries of the animals and try to show some concern and care to them (Temple 98). Animals also have their rights which should be respected. They have a right to life, and thus taking it away forcefully is not being fair at all .Human beings should try and find alternatives to animal products which meets their diet needs.

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Another point why I† defend the author of the book, Face on the plate is that it encourage life saving of animals .For instance ,when you look at the plate of animal products like eggs ,milk and meat ,you realize that all these came from a living creature that deserve to be happy and not undergo sufferings. Therefore, it is important that we face the truth and stop ignoring the facts that having bacon is just the same as consuming something from a living being which is the pig and meat was once a cow and that meat consumption is not good to human health since it causes diseases to a man. Thus, before killing that animal, think first and see if you can have a substitute to it in vegetarian menu (Patterson 18).

Human beings share about 95% of their DNA with some animals, and therefore, we should not be deceived by the false information that we are very unique from the animals (Patterson 18). The knowledge that we share a bigger percentage of DNA with some animals, should enable us or make us be more interested in understanding the nature of animals and thus reduce or eliminate the animal sufferings and also reduce their killing for food. Animals have important roles to play other than just being used for food .For instance they act as human companion ,help in farm activities such as in cultivating using cows .so they should be given good care and accorded their animal rights to live.

Killing of animals by the business people always results into global warming or climatic changes even more than any other human activities. This is especially with farming industries which produces oxide emissions into the atmosphere through their production processes carried out. Therefore for the sake of having a healthy and a sustainable environment, it is important that we limit or stop animal killing through leaving those businesses which deal with animals for food. Our environment is polluted due to unhealthy conditions of the places where animals are reared from. For instance, there is water pollution from the run-offs of animals .This is because the animals are given less attention by humans. Itís good to treat animals with compassion because they deserve to be cared for just like any human being on planet earth (Moussaieff 15).

Another argument on the point of protecting animals is that, just like any human being, animals` happiness is very important. Therefore we should pay attention when our hearts tells us to give some consideration to animals and we should not ignore those voices as itís not healthy for us. The author shows as how animals suffer in the slaughter houses, the dairy, meat and fish industries try to hide the truth of the pain animals undergo during slaughter processes from the consumers just to make people have a believe that killing animals is something good to be done just human consumption. I believe that changing our lives into vegetarian lifestyle is not hard and anyone can easily adopt this kind of lifestyle for a health living which is naturally found and with less risks, unlike in meat eating one is worried of acquiring some diseases, processed fish may also cause some discomforts due to the chemicals added during the possess (Moussaieff 90). Therefore, I encourage all those who are against this argument to think over it and try to develop some empathy and compassion towards the animals and their precious lives. We should adapt to a non Ėharmful life just like the author advised.


We should avoid hiding our faces on the plate and face the truth before us. Though many people cannot afford to go without eating meat or taking an egg, they are encouraged to try and experiment the life of a vegetarian and with time, they will be able to enjoy that kind of lifestyle, because it is not a hard life to achieve if one is committed, has compassion and has a willingness to protect animals from suffering s they are always put through by human beings.

In other perspective, we as humans can have the passion to change our ways of life. Itís all about the willingness to be virtuous with our lives. Of most importance is the virtue of consistency in treating animals. For it is not virtuous to kill animals or brutalize them in the name of preparing them for our own selfish eating habits. We have a lot of commonness with animals- thatís indeed true. It is a fact that we canít deny that humans are more selfish than any other creature on earth. It is therefore logical to develop a culture of respect, where we observe our behaviors towards animals more keenly; otherwise our responsibility as the guardian of all animals on planet earth would have no meaning.

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