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I do agree with Noam Chomsky's views on US war on terrorism and his disapproval of United States foreign policy. Indeed based on the evidence that he presents in his speech at Harvard its clear that America has double standards in its overseas policies promoting democracy and liberty for everyone, while engaging and allying itself with states which are autocratic and repressive such as Israel when it was underShimon Peres, Israel's Prime Minister.

I concur that the US government has been involved in massive human rights violations through its intrusion in overseas nations, including the undisclosed support it gave to the Contras in Nicaragua, an incident that Chomsky finds critical and fits the typical interpretation of terrorism.Therefore unless the US government can ascend to that smallest point of moral integrity Americans ought to stop discussing about issues like right and wrong, human rights/freedoms, good and evil, and such high moral issues.

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Chomskyís argument that Americans are all hypocrites is indeed true. We have sufficient amount of opportunity, resources, and itís easy to get true facts about issues yet we donít. The contemptuous thesis offered by Noam Chomsky has just and reasonable parameters (to be precise, he states that the. government ought to be given benefit of doubt) before supporting his views, with intellectual accuracy and citation of actual history (unlike prejudiced written history), why US post-9/11 warfare on terror is a rational impossibility.

Chomsky's analysis shows us that America has been, and continues to be, a chief sponsor of state-supported terrorism, funding retaliatory or defensive hostility over arbitration in the world court, and evading responsibility by excluding itself from the worldwide approved definition of terrorism. (To emphasize his views, Chomsky frequently shows his sources, throughout the speech welcoming scrutiny in all his opinions.)

The element of hypocrisy is seen when Reagan Administration was waging warfare against terrorism. Predominantly the so called state-supported global terrorism a [Secretary of State] George Shultz remarked ďepidemic spread by corrupt opponents of civilization sending us back to barbarism in the present age". Reaganís administration had without delay stated that the war against terrorism would be the center of U.S. overseas policy and they branded two regions as the cause of this plague by immoral opponents of civilization Ėi.e. Middle East Asia and Central America. Since there was wide agreement on that, in 1985, each year the Associated Press has a survey on editors on the most significant story each year -- the winner was Middle East terrorism. This shows that the mass media in the United States mainly works as a propaganda arm of the U.S. government.

Chomsky's argument has achieved the unnerving rank of prophesy. Some may label Chomsky as anti-American, but his morality is without doubt crystal clear, resistant to the confusions of political affairs and mainstream media and I do agree and support his views.

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