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Introduction to Installation preparedness

The November 2009 tragic incident in fort hood place is an insight to the United States military system and installation preparedness needed. A single person went on a spree and killed over ten people in fort hood, in Texas. This has brought the need for effective development of proper preparedness installations to avoid the loose of lives through such ways. This elicited need for effective review on safety measures needed in place at the department of defense. This would help control such occurrence from occurring again because it caused the unexpected loss of human life. This has led to the review of forces protection programs and policies by the United States department of defense. Such form of lives in the forces forced the department of departments to review and develop effective programs. This essay focuses on the installation preparedness after the occurrence in the fort hood. It also points out the approaches in place for the installation preparedness by the department of defense forces of the United States of America.

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The incident in fort hood in November 2009 led to the review of incidents, policies of forces and brought lessons that lead to the development of recommendations. The study then culminated to the memo by the secretary of defense, which outlined the actions and initiatives the department of defense was undertaking depending upon the recommendations that were made. There was the development of mass notification and warning systems, which builds awareness and conveniences. There was the development of the mass notification and warning systems a component regarded to be highly effective and a priority in the installation preparedness (AtHoc - Emergency Mass Notification and Alerting Systems, 2010). This was the basic and fundamental requirement in place to attain the full operational capacity where the services were directed to develop and adopt funding options for the full operation capability commonly known as (FOC).

The department of defense and the secretariat have deliberated that all services must always gain the full capability in all sectors. This will help in notifying the persons in the department of defense in a period of ten minutes of the incident. The mass notification and warning systems in place must entails issues like giant voices, network alerts for desktop notification and indoor voice notification mechanisms. The component of telephoning in the form of alerts and text messaging has also been put in place. These measures then help as systems of early detection and notification of the possibility of such occurrence. This would mitigate action may be put in place as quick as possible to counter the potential harm like the deaths that occurred in fort hood in November 9th 2009. There was also the basic and mandatory requirement that was to be met by April 2011 where the COCOMS should have the abilities to notify the facilities of the department of defense within their areas of response (AOR). However, services are required to maximize remarkable improvements on installation preparedness by using the minimum resources that are available for the maximization of the installations (AtHoc - Emergency Mass Notification and Alerting Systems, 2010). This would create advantage the existing facilities capabilities and tailored by the sizes of installations and mission.

There was the service powered by the wide area alert network of the navy, which encouraged the best practice at the defense section. The system of notification and detection would be effective through these requirements of installation requirements. The departments should utilize the service using the little resources at their disposal. This would ensure full use and exploitation of other available installation devices and preparedness. Safety would enhance through the early detection systems put in place.

The leaders like the defense officials and navy personnel should ensure the effective functionality of the Mass Notification Warning Systems. This ensures that installations are operational and surveillance put on alert round the clock. With the availability of independent data after the incident, there is a need for the complete deploying of law enforcement data exchange systems. This will enable the law enforcement department or entities to   avail information to each entity for response. This will improve the investigative aspect by sharing criminal investigation and any other relevant law enforcement data. It will in turn help in enhancing the security of the military bases across the country.

There is also the need of immediate and fast expansion of the e-guardian pilot programs in the law enforcing agencies. This should be done in all departments to boost the level of sharing of any criminal and investigative information. They will enhance proper situational awareness, which builds some improved force protection in specific the most vulnerable military locations like the recruiting bases and stations (Bruce, 2009). This broad range of initiatives and undertakings has been developed such that they are put in place effectively. They include policy to operational tactics by the military.


The responses and installation preparedness put forward would enhance forces protection in the line of threats like the fort hood incident. They attempt to close down gaps on personnel policies, mass casualties and any emergency responses with early preparedness. The relationship with the federal bureau of investigation is essential in sharing of any investigative information and criminal threats. The army responders and military officials are building closer ties with their counterparts in the neighboring communities immediate to the gates of the installations. This ensure safety, and preparedness should any incident occurs. The groundwork with nei9ghbouring communities is essential in providing ground works of safety, which saved lives during the incident at fort hood.

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