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“Women’s suffrage” basically refers to women’s right to vote and hold a public office. Several years back women had no rights to vote or hold a public office in many countries in the world. This forced the women to regroup and form “women’s suffrage movements” which were simply organized activities by women reformers aimed at changing the archaic laws that barred women from voting and add or amend the existing ones to give women the right to vote. This did not go well as the reformists faced many challenges as evidenced from the movie “Iron Jawed Angels”. (Lewis J.J par 1)

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Challenges that women faced in attaining suffrage. In the movie “Iron Jawed Angels” Alice Paul (Hilary Swank) and Lucy Burns (Frances O’Connor) lead a group of women to fight for their rights, to seek for a seat at the table. First these women face the challenge of funds, they are told by the older women to raise their own funds that can enable them hold meetings and events to promote women’s suffrage. These women while holding parades they are attacked by hecklers who turn the parades into riots. When the women decide to visit the president thinking he will consider their grievances, he puts them off with empty promises to study the issue. Not backing down, these women lobby the congress to get the suffrage amendments to the floor, but again their effort does not come to fruition as the amendment dies in committee.  One of the women’s allowances is cut off by his Senator husband just because she made a donation to the women’s suffrage movement, they later divorce. The women did not give up, in fact, they planned to picket the white house but again they are arrested on allegations that they were obstructing traffic, they are sentenced to 60 days in prison for refusing to pay a fine given to them. The women are tortured while in prison, prompting them to go on a hunger strike. (Skunk 120, p.1)

This shows that women have really come from far to achieve their rights in the society. Despite the challenges, they were able to forge a head and ensure a bright future for women to come after them.

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