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The society today has changed a lot and a lot of the things that were once taboos are finding their way back to the mainstream society. However, there still remain some aspects sensitive to the majority that touch on some of us. The constitution is there to protect all the citizens irrespective of their color, gender or background. However, in most cases we tend to take the law in our own hands and correct what we feel is not right by mostly speaking or lashing out against it. In the recent times, more and more states have legalized same sex marriages and this has been a welcome move to those who are sympathetic to the same sex unions.

In some places, this decision has not been well received. Most of the citizens still regard it taboo for people of the same sex to get married. As a result of this, such areas have become off-limits to any gay or lesbian people and their sympathizers. Oppression can occur in many forms but the main form that is netted on such people is usually insults or beatings inflicted on the culprits. Reports have been heard time and time again of gay couples who have been severely injured in hatred attacks; this are also forms of oppression.

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The issue of same sex relations is very sensitive and therefore there can be a problem when it comes to interpreting what is allowed and what is against the law. All the constitution covers is the right of each citizen to live their life as he or she chooses to, although some states have openly banned same sex unions. It does not mean that gay people living in the states that allow gay unions are free from being in the receiving end of ridicule and oppression as their unions are legally accepted. For one living in a free society would mean that all the stakeholders should respect the decisions that they make as long as they do not hurt anyone else. The gay people do not cause harm to anyone in the society, but the society has chosen to make life really difficult for them Even the government has declined to revoke the Ďdonít ask donít tellí rule for people joining the military. No one should be locked out of the military, but gay people are locked out albeit in the indirect manner.

Thus it is right to say that even up to now gay people are still intentionally oppressed within the United States. All the minority groups must be given equal rights. However, gay people do not directly have the same rights as ordinary people, and this is reflected even within state laws which go on to deny them the right to marry. Usually, in most cases of open oppression, the majority of people, if asked, would express their thoughts that some forms of oppression are justified. Despite of all this, gay people are still allowed to live together that gives them a right to express themselves. By sensitizing the public to the rights of the minority viewpoints, a way can be found to allow them to express their views peacefully.

Ethics touches morality, thus ethical questions are those that seek to question the morality of something. One can say that it is ethically immoral to even think of marrying someone of the same sex. Therefore, the moral concept of marriage is basically defined as a union between a man and a woman. In the case where a business is looking to making maximum profits, it may result in using child labor to minimize the operational costs. This is an unethical practice since it exploits children. One may argue that they are actually assisting the children to earn a living instead of staying idle at home. In this case, the human rights protect the children and nothing can make such a decision viable.

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