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The novel "Last Night I Sang to the Monster" holds several religious symbolisms which questions the religious belief of the author. Zach is constantly in spiritual conflict, exemplifying how God mercies are against him. In the bible John 3:16 “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who ever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Zach has no believe on the mercies of God, this is noted in the novel when he articulates that; “I have this constant vision of a newspaper being tossed around by the wind, and then a gush projects it toward a barbed wire and it is torn to bits, this is how I feel God is like the wind he toys around with us and every thing to Him is a game. Every to Him works on randomness and He engraved in my heart sad, I don’t like God very much and so does He” (Sáenz, 67). Here there are many element of Satanism which is displayed by the author in Zach character, first Zach being an outcast is like the devil being rejected from paradise. Second the author does not recognize Gods mercy but only dwells on his afflictions which are personally afflicted through excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Rafael portrayal of angle and he is also in rehab because he has some psychological issues clearly indicate that the author source of power arises darkness. Zach is empowered by Rafael to face his fears while he himself has the same issues. This attempts to depicts that two lost souls can redeem each other, this against Christian religious virtues as noted by Burke (pp, 125).

According to KJV (1996) Zach and Rafael relation is questionable and symbolizes some element of same sex relationship. The relationship which the author depicts that he cant even describe how beautiful it is, guessing from a gay concept this man to man relationship can not be called beautiful. Beauty in relationship gravitates toward female and male relationship in a courtship process. Their relationship is questionable, especially how emotionally the writer explains Zach becoming emotional missing being sang to by his roommate Rafael.

Another factor is that Rafael plays the part of God where Zach articulates that Rafael singing to him makes him feel alive and redeemed. To God Zach has remorse feeling of hatred and to Rafael angelic love and admiration. This kind of relationship depicts idolatry which in Christian faith is prohibited. The bible clearly articulates in Acts 5:29 that obey God as ruler rather than man. However, in the novel the author clearly illustrates utmost adoration and obedience of Zach to Rafael than to God ((KJV, 1996).  

The rehab in the novel also plays the role of paradise, where one is forgiven and redeemed from their affliction. Mr. Adam, Zach therapist is like a king or god who offers redemption to the fallen. The rehab is homely to Zach and he is comfortable as he finally shares his affliction and torments that make him resolve to take alcohol and drugs to satisfy his psychological argues. On the other hand the rehab is like that orderly home that Zach so wishes he could have. Rafael is like the loving alcoholic father of Zach only that he is going through transformation and is much endearing to him than his real father (Burke, 210).

Mr. Garcia also plays the part of a guardian angle or fairly godfather, he is understanding and polite toward Zach repulsive and shy behavior. He understand Zach and tries as much as to open him slowly to talk about his affliction in a kind gently manner. He sees through Zach a bright and intellect child whose ambitions are hindered by his dark past which he is at logger head. His kindness and understanding are also another angle which drives Zach to resolves to overcome his fears.         


The novel last night I sang to the monster is a good literary material for adult and not children. The moral teaching only being that one can overcome whichever emotional battle and affliction that may cloud their existence. However, the symbolism in the novel projected toward Christians can have some baffling meaning and symbolizes some kind of idolatry worship. The relationship between the main character on the novel and his roommate portrays negative aspects. However, the book is a good read all the same for the curriculum of English literature.

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