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Free Example of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Rules Essay

Law enforcement refers to an organized system composed of members of society who act in a manner to support adherence to the law by identifying and imposing punishment to people who tend to contravene the rules and norms that govern that society. On the other hand, intelligence rules may be considered as those organized protocols that include planning investigation of a committed crime either by the use of spy or special intelligence operation. To achieve a stable society and minimize social injustices, there is dire need of acquiring adequate knowledge, skills and experience on ensuring that citizens abide to the created laws, and proper mechanism of discovering and punishing law breakers is identified.

According to his work, Dyson (2001) describes the field of terrorism investigation through the understanding of basic terrorist structures and organizations. He elaborates on how terrorist organizations mobilize themselves and plan on the course of action, and what differentiates them from other typical crime in doors. In chapter 9, he provides means of how terrorism investigation is to be conducted. His work helps investigators to acquire skills and knowledge that guide them to prepare fundamental evidences that support cases to prosecute terrorists.

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The overview of White’s (2009) work describes both theoretical and conceptual approach on how terrorism is created and how it undertakes its actions or general functions. Various law enforcement mechanisms and intelligence application are discussed theoretically and provide possible means of promoting homeland security and alleviating terrorism.

Intelligence has close relationship with academic research, since it involves analysis of collected information about the crime under investigation. This fact enables one to acquire vital skills of terrorism investigation. In its structure, department of homeland security incorporates the terrorism investigation organ, since terrorism is a realty and threat to the society. The federal government requires that intelligence should be used for planning and deployment of the resources. This ensures equality in the national distribution of resources, reducing the chances of conflicts that propel crime and terrorism. State, tribunal and local law enforcement agencies are obliged to collect tactical intelligence that can be used to prevent terrorism and other kinds of crimes. Information on the intelligence needs to be shared without external leaks. This promotes law enforcement, since sharing of information and intelligence among state agencies enhances counterterrorism efforts.

Terrorist groups are very much aware that the law enforcement uses surveillance to develop information. In this context, they are strict to security and virtually instruct every member to alert each other in case someone is watching their activities. Moreover, some of the members in the terrorist group are taught how police conduct their business and also, practice counter-surveillance techniques regardless whichever situations they are in.

Some terrorists are based on the foundation of religion, thereby making it their block of defense when confronted by law. Such an organization defends itself on the basis of divine law and beliefs that justifies their actions. In this case, well-developed intelligence rules and surveillance are employed to bring justice and law enforcement. I agree with the findings of Dyson, and White. It is evident from the successful operation of the terrorists in the world, for instance the bombing of the world business center, that they exist in well-organized units and have rule regulating their movements and actions. To defeat terrorism, well-developed structures in law and intelligence are a necessity.

This research study is relevant to my course, since adequate knowledge and skills on law enforcement and intelligence rules are acquired on first hand basis.  Get a clear understanding on the right methods to enforce law through clear procedures that incorporate intelligence.

 In addition, I may use the findings of this study to supplement the knowledge gained in my course. It gives a clear and elaborate system of enforcing law though understanding the dynamics of terrorism world. The material is also relevant to my course since some of them can be directly applied to enhance my field of study, for instance, the organization of terrorist groups and their movement.

In conclusion, law enforcement and intelligence rules require a good understanding of the structures and organizations of terrorist groups and other crime organizations. This help to employ proper surveillance and avoid leak of information through intelligence and other state bodies such as police departments and law courts.

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