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The most fascinating thing I have learned so far in this class is the concept which uses computer analogy to give an explanation about culture; the hardware is the community that we reside in and culture is the software. There are two types of societies, namely mechanic societies. These are societies held by common beliefs and values. Organic societies are large complex societies held together by specialization of tasks, while inorganic ones are educational institutions and bureaucratic organizations.

The most noticeable thing about the topic is the further breakdown of concepts where it gives an insight into values, beliefs, and language. Values determine judgments about what we believe are valuable in the society, for example, education. A belief shows the way life in the society works. For instance, cultures, such as Buddhism or Hinduism, believe in reincarnation. Language is not only some other form of writing or speaking, but can also be symbolic, depending on the society.

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The most surprising thing I have learnt so far is the idea of importance of health and population for demography, which is essential to sociology as it helps us understand demographic profiles; distribution of people in the society. Demography can be used for a variety of reasons including allocation of resources in the society. The thing that surprised me about the topic is the idea of McDonaldization in America, which primarily means that we are becoming more like McDonalds; this consumer culture, which is efficient, low cost, predictable, and more automated, seems to move to other countries. Whether we believe the term or not, sociologists have talked about the fact of McDonaldization of America.

If I were to classify my personal sociological view of the world, I would be an adherent of functionalist theory since it defines the natural state of society. In the society there are natural roles which were not created by people.

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