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Free Example of Literacy Narrative Essay

According to Brandt, the experiences that people have with reading and writing relates to their position in the economy of the world. The literacy sponsors, such as people, institutions and governments assist in promoting literacy rate among individuals while also gaining from the process.

Personal Literacy History

Growing up as a child, I liked poems and politics and would go extra miles to make sure that I accessed literary materials with poems and political information on them. My family bought literary materials like articles, periodicals and newspapers besides the visual media to ensure that they were up-to-date with the news and events that took place in Kuwait.  

Subsequently, growing up as a child, I often got the opportunity from my parents to be sent to bookshops and vendors to buy newspapers and magazine. The establishments of the newspaper vendors served as a place where various people interested in political and literacy conversation engaged. The atmosphere at the vendors in which political and literacy conversations were held regularly motivated my desire and interest in politics. As a result, I had to struggle to improve on my literacy to enable me consume the information therein.  My parents were very instrumental in helping me develop my literacy skills upon realizing that I took keen interest in politics and poems, and that I eagerly wanted to get the information directly from the print sources. My reading as well as the writing skills developed gradually from the assistance I got from my parents.   

Growing Up Did You Like Reading and Writing?

My interest in poems and politics ensured that while growing up I was committed to reading and writing to improve my literacy skills and consume more literary materials and information of politics and poems. My love for reading and writing was only in my native language, Arabic. As a result, my interest in reading English materials, and writing in language was poor. I never liked it, and never practiced it.

Despite several events affecting my writing and reading skills positively, the most conspicuous events include reading works of various Arabic poets and politicians that helped me improve my vocabulary base and writing skills. Literary works of authors, such as Agatha Christi influenced my reading and writing skills in a great way. Some particular incidents include writing for the Arabic magazine, and heading Kuwaiti students in Dayton OH. These platforms gave me valuable opportunity to develop my skills in reading and writing. I also joined British council to enhance my reading and writing skills.

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Connections between My Literacy Opportunities, Practices and the Sponsors Who Made Them Possible

As earlier mentioned, my parents were significant in my literacy development at a tender age. The passion and practices that I had in writing and reading of various literature materials play important role in helping me land valuable opportunities in some institutions to continue growing and developing my literacy skills and level. The Arabic magazine gave me a good opportunity to write for them, and this played a great role in developing my skills. In addition, the writing and reading skills I acquired helped in head the Kuwaiti students in Dayton OH. Arabic poets, through their writings gave me important skills in writing and platform to exercise my reading skills. The Arabic politicians motivated me to gain interest in politics, resulting in the passion to read newspapers and articles about politics. This also helped considerably develop my reading skills. Reading Agatha Christi books ensured that I developed a fine touch of high-level writings, which eventual helped me land an opportunity in British Council to further my literacy knowledge and skills.     

The government, through its embassy has been a contributing factor in my continued access to literacy. The embassy helps in my literacy development by paying my tuition fees to further my literacy knowledge and skills through tuition and education. The sponsorship from the government has been a great motivation to me to work hard and achieve in literacy world. The Arab politicians with fine tuned speeches motivated me to read more literary materials to increase my vocabulary base and pronunciation to reach their literacy level. Their success was a motivating factor in my development.

The editors of the newspapers and Arabic magazines that I read were also inspiring in the way they wrote their articles. They were my motivation and inspiration because I wanted to work hard and achieve as much success as they had achieved in their work.

Analysis of Implications of the Connections between My Literacy Opportunities, Practices and the Sponsors

The sponsors are very influential and important in helping individuals with the platform to practice their literacy skills and develop them further. For example, the government, through the embassy has provided me with an opportunity to further my knowledge and literacy skills. Other sponsors like the Arabic magazine helped me with the platform to practice my skills and develop them at the same time. Nonetheless, the sponsors can also limit the scope of the literacy skill development of an individual. The Arabic magazine played a leading role in my liking the Arabic literary materials at the expense of other materials in other languages. This limited my scope to Arabic materials.

The sponsors motivate and inspire individuals to develop interest in various literacy areas. Arab politicians and poets motivated and inspired me to develop my literacy knowledge and skills. Poor economic power may hinder the development of literacy skills such that individuals from poor backgrounds may not access quality opportunities to enhance and develop their literacy skills. If I would have been denied the sponsorship by the embassy to further my studies, my literacy level would not have developed as it has presently. The opportunity I have got from the sponsorship directly affects my economic status as more employment chances are open at the end of my studies. More sponsorship would ensure that many individuals improve their literacy skills, resulting in increased standard of literacy

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