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Free Example of Mathew and Mark Saying about Jesus Essay

Gospel of Matthew and Mark are called synoptic. It means that they describe the same events from the life of Jesus Christ, but each of the gospels complements each other. This essay is about how the evangelists Matthew and Mark describe Jesus in their Gospels.

The life of Jesus Christ is central in the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew was a tax collector, a very literate man. The main purpose of writing this gospel shows that Jesus is the King. He is long-awaited Messiah, the only legitimate claimant to the throne of David. The first two chapters quite clearly reveal that Matthew focuses on the idea of execution. From the beginning the genealogy of Jesus is described, showing that he is the top in the development history of Israel of Old Testament and especially in the royal branch of David. This title as the Son of David is used in Mathew more than in any other Gospel.

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The whole gospel is permeated by the idea that Jesus is King. For example when the wise men came to see the King of the Jews Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem is statement of Jesus's rights as king. Jesus consciously takes the royal title when He was standing before Pontius Pilate. Even on the cross above his head was the royal title. Jesus says, “All power is given unto me”.

Thus, it should be pointed out that the Gospel, which begins with a definition of Jesus as God who remains with people, ended complete confidence in his presence with us “always, to the end of the age”.

The main theme of the Gospel of Mark is the life and preaching of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. For many fragments it intersects with the Gospel of Matthew, but sets out some of the events of Jesus' life more succinctly and in a different order.

Any other gospel does not show the humanity of Christ like the Gospel of Mark. It was written before the other Gospels. Gospel of Mark is a paradox Gospel. Jesus is the Son of God, in His actions He is endowed with all the power of God himself. There was a time when His glory was visible. At the same time, he humbled himself, was weak and prone to suffering. Jesus, being God, came to earth in human body. As a man, he was hungry, was a carpenter - he worked as a man, tired, was surprised, was angry. All this points were to his human nature on earth.

Mark wants to show that Jesus can compassion with people, he knows their weaknesses and difficulties as people. This gospel more than any other was written by witnesses who surveyed life of Jesus Christ by themselves. Mark had the task to describe Jesus as He was. For him, Jesus was not just a man among men, but He was God among people. Jesus always made people surprise of his words and deeds.

Summarizing all the said above, it is significant to point out that Matthew's Christology is more “sublimed” and more clearly expressed than Christology of Mark. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is revealed as a man born to be king; he passed on its pages, as dressed in royal purple and gold. Mark depicted the image of Jesus with the same feelings as humans do. Pure humanity of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark makes it more close to people. If humans want to have the complete understanding of Jesus they should read both gospels.

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