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McCandless was from a middle class home of which his parents showed him love. They raised him to high moral and high intellectual standards that lacked much perfection. First, his father was a philanderer and a genius. McCandless’s mother was victim but an obedient wife.  Human beings are different and so Chris was a sensitive person. He was much intelligent to see that his parents showed hypocrisy in their marriage. He had suspicion and later learnt of his mother’s own subjugation endorsement with his father’s double standards. This made Chris  remorseful towards his parents. The family was pretending that everything was okay, but the truth of the matter was that they were in problems.

Chris’s father and mother had no strong relationship supposed to be characterized by a strong bond among them. This friendship base would have been helpful in developing the child-to- parent relationship. His parent’s wealth could not be replaced with the strong relationship and attention that Chris needed. This setting made Chris raise questions regarding the meaning of life, his values, and his existence in the world. In this regard, there was much conflict between his behavior, performance, and outward appearance and his rebellion and his inner turbulence. Instead of him acting out, he made everything internal in that he lived like a ‘monk’ in the aspect of his social life.

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As McCandless grew up, he became more disillusioned and disappointed with the life of the Western middle class values and living. This is portrayed in something like his Apartheid emphasis as he studied with his risen Philosophical work focus of alternate morals and values. ‘In the wild’, there is one time where we learn that Chris concluded he needed to take a clean break from home so as to save himself from these family crisis and hardships. His dysfunctional family that showed him less attention made him rebel against them by running away without their notification.  He no longer felt they deserved to know anything about his life anymore since they cared less according to him. The truth of the matter is that they cared for him much and they lacked a way of reaching him.

His strong desire to know his real self drove him to the extent of breaking away from family and friends. He never realized he took away their joy of knowing the person he was to be after graduating. They had high expectations that he would get a good job and start his own family. This of course is the joy of every parent and close family and other friends to see their son, daughter, or friend succeed in life in terms of career and family. Moreover, he was still true to others with himself. He never showed any criminal acts like breaking or stealing. He showed consistence in integrity and honesty, even when no one seemed to notice this. He had set and maintained strong moral standards and always would challenge his colleagues inclusive of his seniors to observe and try to attain these moral standards. He thus never valued money and wealth.

McCandless was in search of meaning to life. He had strong feelings that he was not whole. He looked for a way to escape from the tiring society. He was in search for the truth of his true identity and self through his adventurous life which resulted in the adventure. The adventurous life resulting to the Alaska made him realize that so many people live within unhappy circumstances. However, they never take the initiative to change their situation as they are held back to conservatism and conformity. This is presumed to give one  peace of mind, while in the real sense there is no risk to a spirit of adventure in a man than a future with security.

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