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To begin with, media is a societal influence in that it communicates to the people from a larger point of view while influencing their activities in one way or another. It is given to the media to provide news and passage of important information to the nation. In this sense, there have been advertisements through the media used by companies to reach the prospective customers as well as the consumers from a broader point of view. Notably, media has a great influence to the behavior of any population (Carilli and Campbell 44). This covers all areas of life in that it influences the dressing mode of a people, their behavior, their eating habits and appearances from another point of view.

In this context, the influence and effect of media to woman’s appearance will be covered. As such, in the recent times, media has played a great role in what the image as well as appearance of a woman has become (Carilli and Campbell 45). In order to bring this point out, it is important to state that the media's Effect on a Woman's Appearance can best be examined from an ethical point of view. Following the dictates of ethics, media should only portray those things that affect the population positively but not negatively. In this context, media’s effect on a woman’s appearance has been a negative one.

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In consistent to this, beauty and body image portrayed in the media has affected the way women view themselves. In the current times, the images of female bodies are found everywhere. This has been greatly used in selling of many things ranging from food to cars. Women and their body parts as wel,l are used to make the advertisements in sales as such. At the same time, think of the popular film and television actresses that have been painted as younger, taller and thinner (Myers et al. 108). At the same time, the articles in magazines have been used with the information about women losing weight just some pounds of which this is seen as to give women all that they need.

 In this connection, these magazines promise a perfect marriage, loving children, rewarding career and great sex as a reward. Standards of beauty therefore are being imposed on the women through the media (Carilli and Campbell 44). Thinness in this sense has been pointed out as an essential criterion of beauty. This makes women who are insecure in regard to their body weight and image to use beauty products in order to achieve the presumed ideal body which is being portrayed. In most of ads and articles in women’s magazines, they promote weight loss and how to change the woman’s bodily appearance (Myers et al. 108). It is provided that diet, exercise and cosmetic surgery are the only ways to achieve this. Additionally, television and movies have portrayed thinness as a measure of a woman’s worthy.

In the same line of thought, women body parts have been portrayed in media with great nakedness. Images of naked women as well as women dressed commonly in their inner wears have become the order of every day. Advertisements through the media have portrayed women as sex objects doing everything in appearance to appear attractive to men. In this regard, the youths have been greatly affected. This is to suggest that in order to be counted as worthy just as the media dictates, one has to integrate in the culture of thinness through dieting and exercise (Myers et al. 108).

At the same time, one has to be attractive and beautiful through the use of beauty products as well as undergoing cosmetic surgery. Likewise, women should ensure that they expose some of their parts to appear attractive to men. Following this point, it has been noted from research study that media's effect on a Woman's appearance is an issue as well as a concern that cannot be ignored. Above and beyond, women have been trying to lose their weight through unhealthy ways in order to attain the beauty standards. They have gone to an extent of fainting as they deny themselves food to integrate in the thinness culture. Use of harmful beauty products and the cosmetic surgery has gone as far as killing some of them in pursuit for beauty and attraction (Yamamiya et al. 74). At the same time, nakedness and exposure of women body parts has been the way of life by many women who have learnt from the media that by so doing they become more attractive to men.

The Media's Effect on a Woman's Appearance can best be described as to be negative. It has unhealthy portrayal of the appearance of a woman. Thin-and-beautiful media images adversely influence the state body image of women (Yamamiya et al. 76).By just watching television; a woman can change the perception of her body image in pursuit of a body image that is portrayed by media as ideal. Remarkably, the current generation of women has a problem with their appearances. It beats logic for the media to jeopardize the lives of many women who have been affected as they pursue to imitate the thin and beautiful body image that is portrayed by the media.

Why would the media mislead the women to expose their private body parts to appear attractive while this should not be the case? Again, why should the media concentrate on beauty and thin images making women to use unhealthy ways of losing weight as well as destructive cosmetics or beauty products? It is immoral and unacceptable at all levels of ethics. The media’s portrayal of thinness, dieting and beauty implies to an ordinary woman that a woman’s body is an object of perfection and therefore they need adjustment (Yamamiya et al. 74). The media also has exaggerated the sexual role of a woman as the only role that she has. Through this adjustment, instead of improving their self image, they have ended up destroying it thereof. It is from this point, that the media's effect on a Woman's Appearance has been described as unethical and negative altogether. Therefore, media should be kept under check in regard to its portrayal of a woman’s appearance as it has adversely affected the appearance of a woman and more so the young generation.

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