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Free Example of Mind Mapping: Expertise Essay

Raymond Wlodkowski detailed in his book, Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn, that an instructor requires a certain skill set to perform their duties sufficiently. This skill set, in the book, is referred to as the “Five Pillars of Motivation”. Cultural responsiveness ensures that the learners are involved within the learning process. The interaction and identification with the learning environment creates a motivating environment for the learner. Empathy allows the instructor to identify with the learner’s experiences and perspectives allowing them to motivate them to satisfy their expectations. The instructor requires enthusiasm in order to make the learners follow his/ her suit. Clarity in the way the assessment of the learners is done will enable them to set goals based on a specific set of requirements from the instructor. Expertise on what the instructor is teaching is fundamental for any instructor so that there can be transference of knowledge. This pillar stipulates that the learners require to learn from someone who is well versed in whatever he/ she is trying to teach. Below is a straight mind map for expertise as a pillar of motivation.

Expertise is one of the five skills that an instructor should possess. The use of a straight mind map is based on the fact that this skill should be presented as a central idea on which information should be built upon in this analysis. Expertise is second in hierarchy based on its classification from the level of the five motivational skills. However, since the mind map only centers on expertise, the straight mind map suits this case because it is the key issue.   

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The concept mind map is suited for this case as the issue within the mind map needs to be analyzed extensively to create a foundation for expertise as a pillar of motivation. There are no other pillars against which expertise is being pitched against, and thus the argumentative mapping technique is not applicable in this case.

Expertise: Concepts

Teacher’s skill involves the quality of relaying information to the learners that the instructor possesses. The presentation of the knowledge the instructor has is a skill that he’ she has to have apart from what is being taught. This ensures the effectiveness of the learning process.

Knowledge of subject content forms the basis in which the instructor is in his/ her position of authority. The adequate knowledge of whatever is being learnt within the lessons is fundamental to the instructor to make lesson fruitful. The sole reason why students attend class is to receive additive and constructive information from their teachers. This requires the instructor to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject in question.

Confidence in teaching entails that the instructor maintains his/ her authority in the lessons by moderating the class in a way that makes learning possible. The learners can internalize the expertise one has if the instructor conveys it in a way that leaves no space for doubt or misunderstanding.

Transference of knowledge is the actual learning from the lessons an instructor prepares for the learners. The net addition of information or the success of the teaching plan provides a measure for the transference of knowledge between the learner and the instructor. This is most effective when the teacher ahs knowledge on the subject matter, confidence in teaching and appropriate teaching skills.

Student appreciation and respect comes with the confidence of the learners in the ability to convey information to them. The acceptance the skills and knowledge of the instructor makes the student embrace the learning process, and thus student motivation (the objective), is achieved.

Review of Straight Mind Mapping


It creates an effective way to organize the points in according to the weight and hierarchy of the various points. The creation of such a classification gives a presentation that is easy to review.

It also gives a convenient avenue for note taking. This makes it easier to learn from a mind map that is meant to improve the teaching process.

It is also devising new ideas to counter the challenges of the teaching process. The classification and pointing out of key factors within an issue show the basis in which an issue revolves making it easy to improve on them.


The straight mind map provides the key points in order of hierarchy without much detail making it lacking in detail. The information on the mind map is not sufficient to enable extensive learning on a subject matter.

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