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Modern technologies have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives and indeed influence all spheres of human activity. Education is not an exception. However, this global tendency has both positive and negative sides. The main objective of this paper is to have a deep look into the subject and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of modern technologies as a part of the educational process.

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The first thing that seems to be quite obvious, when we speak about computers and other modern technologies in educational process, is that the process of information search has become much easier. Nowadays, a student does not need to spend hours at a library in search of necessary sources, which, of course, saves us a lot of time. Going to the library and back, writing down necessary parts of the sources and then inserting them into the scientific paper - all these elements of studying are in the past now. It only takes us a few mouse clicks and a great number of sources appear on the screen. If we need a citation, we just copy and paste it into the paper without having to write or even type it manually. Therefore, looking at this aspect, the influence of computers and networks appears to be quite a positive factor. Besides, we are not limited to just one library any more. We have an access to all electronic documents, which can be reached with the help of the Internet worldwide. This is another advantage of modern technologies. However, one can easily be distracted when sitting at the computer. Actually, one has to be a very disciplined person in order to be focused only on the important things. Skype, online news, and email should be forgotten during the time one decides to spend on learning or research.

Another great advantage of modern computer technologies is that there is no need to carry around the huge bags full of books while attending classes. Moreover, students do not need to spend time and money making paper copies of necessary materials. Everything we need fits into a tiny tablet PC weighting less than a pound. Moreover, modern technologies also give us an access to dictionaries and encyclopedia of various types, as well as the access to the Internet. However, unlimited access to information may also become a temptation. Instead of carefully following the professor's thoughts and tasks, one may start checking emails, chatting with friends, playing games online, and so on.

Attending online classes and even online universities is becoming more and more popular. This is a very convenient way of studying, especially for busy people, namely for those who have got little time after work and cannot spend a couple of hours on the way to the university. Besides, online education gives modern students an opportunity to study at any given university of their choice even if it is situated in another city or country. Actually, this is a great chance for nursing mothers and people busy with their work.

Modern technologies are very helpful for the professors too. It is more comfortable to check up printed works instead of spending hours deciphering someone's unclear handwriting. Besides, anti-plagiarism software is another great assistant for a tutor.

Thus, it can be concluded that modern technologies are very beneficial to education, but only in case a student is willing to study, is interested and motivated. Otherwise, the usage of these technologies may become a distractive factor. Many people believe that being an educated person does not necessarily stand for knowing much. It rather means being aware of where to look for a certain data. Nowadays, it has become much easier to be educated in this latter understanding of the concept.

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