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Free Example of Motivating High School Students Review Essay

Writing is one of the most efficient channels of communication. It provides a reliable means of passing information to the audience comprising of many individuals. Therefore, it is important for the writer to attempt to communicate in the clearest manner possible to avert possibilities of ambiguity and misinformation. In adequate communication through writing may generate falsehood and wrong interpretations. It is in this line of thought that the writer is charged with the responsibility of delivering a well written work.

In an attempt to communicate effectively, the writer selects the most appropriate words to be used. The carefully chosen words and phrases ensure that the information is passed effectively. Apart from the words selection and use of vocabulary, the writer must use the correct sentence structure such that the efficacy of selected words will remain reasonable. This essay focuses on the adequacy of the mention features of good writing on the article written by Stephanie.  

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In the essay titled, “Motivating High School Students”, the student managed to pass across a massage touching on the students and the best way in which they can be motivated. The argument centering on elimination of distracters does not present a strong preposition on the subject matter of the essay. Nevertheless, there are justifiable methods put across by the writer on how best can students be motivated by their teachers and parents.

In addition to the logical undoing mentioned above, there are instances where the student has failed to use appropriate sentence structures. There are inherent grammatical errors in the text, making it slightly hard for the reader to understand the student’s prepositions on motivating high school students. Nevertheless, the article is above average and will succeed from adequate revision and restructuring of some sentences.

 According to Chapter 8, “Revising Sentences and Words”, there are various aspects of writing that need to be incorporated in any form of writing. These include but not limited to using the most appropriate version of sentences and most emphatic words selection.

In the article, there are some sentences which appear incomplete. These are the lines whereby the reader will feel that there are additional information or words necessary to make the sentence complete. For example, the last sentence in the third last paragraph generates some level of ambiguity from the side of the reader. The preposition of that the students’ success may be derived from “the teacher is not afraid and willing to fail the unwilling student” presents a grey area in the article.

The text has some errors that concern the use of verbs. The suitability of verbs is dictated by its subject-verb agreements. Whenever a subject is in its plural form, the adjacent verb form must be also agreeable with the subject. The line, “People is ….” in the seventh paragraph depicts failure to portray adequate subject-verb agreement.

The following section highlights the areas where the student failed to use adequate words or incorrect forms. The phrase, “our children’s attentions” is a good example of the cases where the student failed to use appropriate forms of words. The noun attention is not countable and thus, it s expected that the student would use it without an ‘s’ at the end. Secondly, there is an implicit disjoint between the noun “Distractions” modifier “loss of motivation” in the third paragraph. Thirdly, the phrase, “Consequences are something that” depicts violation of noun-verb use. The noun, “Consequences” is in its plural form, thus was expected that the student would not have used the modifier “something that” as a phrase of defining noun.

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