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Free Example of Movie E-Dreams Essay

The development of a new economy has come along with a number of high and low fortunes and has exciting true stories. “E-Dreams” is a movie that has its focus on the recently developed Several years ago, no one could have believed in the existence of such a storyline., which is the main story line of this movie, is a precise illustration of the drastic changes that can occur in an entire economy. The idea of was a primary concept of two young Korean and American investment bankers. The two were in their early 20s and came up with an idea that has taken the economic world by storm. is an online store that had an objective of reducing inconvenience to clients. The online store could make deliveries of products such as videotapes, snacks and other similar products within half an hour of a client ordering the product.

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The founders of this online store started their business in an unfurnished warehouse and executed all start up responsibilities including creation and maintenance of the website and delivery of products to clients. After a period of one year, the business had expanded and could boast of a staff of 3000 employees, up from 10 employees at the starting period.

This movie illustrates how an idea can pick up in an industry at some point, but fails to live up to the expectations due to poor strategy and administration. It depicts the behavior of investors, who always want to get massive profits by doing remarkably little in return. The challenges facing online businesses today do not support the delivery of actual, tangible goods by online stores. This one factor may have facilitated the demise of the online store. Online companies can compete by supplying online information rather than goods. The whole idea of the online store in the e-Dream movie, which according to many analysts, was a crazy idea that failed to examine and consider all factors and uncertainties that faced the online store.

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