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The law of the jungle dictates that only the strong animals survive and the jungle environment is always about the hunted trying to protect itself from the hunter. I was however perplexed when I once saw on YouTube an interesting story from one of the national parks in Kenya which is a country in East Africa.  (YouTube, 2007) Kenya is known for its rich heritage of having national parks full of wild animals and one can always watch them from their natural environment instead of a zoo. The story featured a lioness that apparently had lost all her cubs to Hyenas in the savanna and had so far adopted a baby Oryx. Lions are known to be carnivores and the hapless baby Oryx that had been abandoned by its mother and was roaming alone in the vast and precarious savanna would have provided an easy meal. The unusual union between the Lioness and the baby Oryx had been spotted by national park attendants who were amazed at how the Lioness protected the Oryx. At one instance the Lioness even protected the baby Oryx from other stronger Lions that wanted to eat the Oryx. The unlikely union taught me that motherly love is universal and have the capacity to surpass the boundaries of nature and species. The Lioness probably senses the hopelessness of the Oryx and compounded by the fact that Lioness had just lost her cubs, the two were able to find companionship from each other. Furthermore, when two people are faced with complementing challenges they can always find comfort in each other while giving each other strength. The most amazing thing about the Lioness is that days after the Oryx was taken by park rangers, it adopted yet another baby Oryx. Clearly love has the capacity to cross barriers created by nature because for the Lioness, it was perhaps the love for Oryx that led it to adopt another one.

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