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Christianity has much resemblance with the modern class movement. Originally Christianity was the movement of the slaves, poor people and those deprived of all rights by the Rome. Christianity places the salvation in heaven and socialism places it in this world.

In Rome World Empire Christianity became the state religion after the three hundred years. Socialism won a place for itself position which made its absolute victory. Socialism did not accept the overthrow of the Roman Empire in the West. Oppressed peasants and town plebeians started a movement and were bound to wear the mask of religion. It was symbol of restoring the Christianity from the degeneration. First Christians Lucian of Samosata was septic towards any kind of superstitions and neither said unwanted words to pagan-religious. He mocked to Jupiter not less than those who prayed to Christ.

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From the literature review we have come to know that New Testament account of Jesus and his disciples are deprived of the historical background of the Bauer. As they are diluted in legends and moral struggle of first communities and phases of interior developments are transferred in to more or less fictitious persons. According to Bauer Alexandria and Rome are the birth places of the new religion and not the Galilee and Jerusalem.

The Tubingen school tells us the New Testament stories and literature which were not consulted. Today science says that literature as a disputable.  However a book written in early Christianity between June 67 and April 68 gives us ideas and thinking of that time. This book is very important to study the early Christianity named as Revelation of John. The magic like miracles, visions, diving, cabbala, ecstasies, apparitions and gold-making played a primary role to arise the Christianity. John was a man of distinction among the Christians and his existence is not authenticated but is very probable.

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