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According to NBC News, it is well elaborated how the French troop is determined to wipe out the Islamist rebel as it is seen in the Sunday attack in northern Mali. For NY Times News it explains how the French fighters are trying to perfect on where the United States army had failed in fighting the extremists. The writer of Fox News is trying to show how the French government has bent their rules in order to fight Mali Islamists meaning it is not allowed in their country. The writer of Yahoo News concentrates on explaining how the Al Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels are planning on a strike back to the France after the French warplanes attacked them. They are threatening   France a long brutal war. Guardian News shows the result of the French defense military attack. It ended up in the deaths of Islamists as well as eleven civilians (including children).

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The most captivating lead is the one for the Guardian writer because it is very brief and has all the information needed. It does not hide any information and explains well that the attack has resulted in deaths of militants, some civilians and innocent children, as confirmed by the French Defense Ministry .The lead for NY Times is biased since it concentrates on the differences between US and France instead of what is currently happening between the rebel and French troops. The Yahoo lead is not biased since it gives information about both sides, it  well explains how far the French army has gone in fighting the Islamists rebels and, on the other hand, how the rebels are planning on how to strike back and threatening them a long brutal  war. If I were an editor, I would go for the Guardian news lead since it is very brief  but rich in information .The lead captures the attention of the audience and also seems simple to comprehend , giving additional information about how many people died from the attack. None of the other leads has presented such data.

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