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The year 1968 was a bad year for America and all Americans. This is the same year that the war in Vietnam had reached its tragic zenith that some started to predict that the US will not achieve victory. The brother of slain president John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, was assassinated and earlier Reverend Martin Luther King was also killed. America was thus seen to be a very violent place, what with the production of several horror movies all over that changed the American culture. Several horror movies were later produced with emergence of independent and creative directors including such names as Craven, Romero, and Carpenter. 

The main message of the author is to explore the various directors’ vision that offers not only the best sense of their films but also a deeper understanding of making of these horror movies. The author concentrates on the above three film makers mainly because he feels like their films have become famous, inspire of their limited budget during production. They made other directors want to achieve more independence during the 1950s and 1960s, which gave the directors more power to pick their own projects and have them controlled as desired.

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The author then explores a number of horror movies but suggests that horror movies have never been seen as a respectable game although it is receiving much more appreciation in the recent past. He thus gives a major focus on the cultural function of horror movies arguing that it should not be surprising that these movies more in terms of genre than on individual characters. This has resulted to more attention to horror directors in the recent past including Ian Conrich and David Woods. The author then discusses the three famous directors; Craven, Robert, and carpenter, as well as comparing them. He concludes that the current age of American horror film directors are more shaped by their vision and commends the three ‘pioneers’ on their vision on the directions the horror movies are making.

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