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Free Example of Play Analysis Evaluation Essay

The play effectively uses movements and facial expressions when Mr. Brewster is introduced to the scene at act one, when he enters the stage by his colleague's request. Mr. Brewster carries a brief case and is dressed like executive,  but described by Jed as not looking like one. Display of facial expressions is also rampant when Mr. Brewster meets Granny Moses, whom he inquires if she is the one who paints primitive pictures.

A display of state business is evident, when midland oil company, which employs Brewster as a chief executive, shows its own interests in the land where Clampett family resides. Brewster comes to discuss the terms of generous compensation, which Clampett family would receive if they take the offer, as Brewster’s midland oil company wanted to commercialize their land through oil exploration.

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Vocal presentation of the play is consistent, as well as the dialect. The dialects are used widely by every Clampett family member: Jed, Elly, May, Granny, and their relative Jethro. The vocal and physical characterization is evident in the scene when George Turner appears; he is a geologist in the backwoods, whose task is to assess the rocks. Granny and Jed are surprised by the mysterious visitor in riding pants, boots and shirt. This gives the cast the authenticity, the characters also emphasize the style by use of dialect, to effectively portray the rural part of the country they are from.

The scenery, prop works and lighting effectively bring the style and mood. The audience is able to plunge back into history, to get a glimpse of the world of that time. The production has every angle of the story and scenery coordinated; prop works and lighting capture and blend effectively the essence of the play and time the story happened. The costumes, make-up, the production bring the characters to life. The technical elements of the production blended perfectly with the script and stage performances. The script was well-thought out, and one would say that script-writer had the vision of the play, equipped with characters and a script.

The management of the stage through movement, verbal and non-verbal gestures, displayed by the characters, brought the core story of the play to the audience. The effective choreography proves that director was the master of witty details. The choreography and the context of the play were electrifying and showed the authenticity of the story. The flow of the story from one scene to another was captivating; it is evident, that there was effective coordination between the script writers, director of the production, and the actors involved. This had a dramatic effect on the play, in that, the coordination from the script to characters, the way the stage was managed, and effectively brought the context and style of the play.

The production used perfectly the elements of design to set the stage for the mood, attitude and the context of the story. The production breathed everlasting life to the script, when they scouted the right actors to bring characters from the script to the play. I would say that production did a perfect job blending every detail of the story to create this play.

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