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Juvenile delinquency is the behavior considered illegal or antisocial by adolescents or children. According to the book of proverbs, there are profound teachings about juvenile delinquency and the appropriate measures of handling it. In fact, the book of proverbs candidly exposes on how parents should address juvenile delinquency and bring up their children in a morally way. There are various verses in the book of proverbs that stress the importance of discipline to the growing children. Similarly, innumerable verses provide insights to the parents on how to instruct their children.

For instance the book of Proverbs 22:6 offers the most basic mandate to parents to discipline their children, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it". This verse demonstrates the relevance of discipline to a child before they gain experience. Moreover, this verse demonstrates the lasting significance that the initial moral training and discipline introduced to a child. In fact, the verse reveals that people do not always completely abandon good training acquired during their childhood days.

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The views of the book of proverbs are consistent to those expressed in the book, Juvenile Delinquency: theory, practice and law. According to this book, it is very important to control and guide the behavior of children as they grow into maturity (Siegel & Welsh, 2009). Since time immemorial, child training and discipline have been held with utmost significance. In fact, there was a strict enforcement of moral discipline to children who were expected to obey their parents without question.

The book stresses on the importance of treating children through detention separate from prisons meant for the adult. Similarly, the book of proverbs views coincide with the book's proposition of charging juvenile delinquents on crimes committed through the suggestion of chastening ones child (NIV, 1984). From the foregoing, the observations of the book of proverbs on juvenile delinquency and the book are consistent.

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