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“Wisconsin and Florida GOP Fire Up the 2012 Voter Suppression Machine”

This article is an informative piece featured in the May 20, 2011 edition of The article is highly opinionated and uses lots of loaded wording, but makes a very strong point about the voter fraud proposals that are currently being considered around the country. Mainly, the article illustrates how these policies work to benefit the republicans, who are the main supporters of the new proposed laws. The new laws require more stringent voting procedures, such as having photo I.D., proof of permanent address, and shorter absentee voting timeframes.

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According to the article, these newly proposed policies are guided as fraud protection incentives but actually function as a failsafe way for republicans to earn a higher percentage of votes. The article discusses how these laws would suppress mainly democratic voters, which would, by extension, keep the republican votes high. If Democrats have a difficult time casting a vote, then naturally, the results would reflect more republican ballots. The author of this article calls this practice a violation of Americans’ constitutional right and likens it to our forefathers’ restrictive voting requirements, which allowed only white males to cast votes early in our country’s history.

Even though this is not a “credible” article in the traditional sense of scholarship, it is important because it uses a variety of historical evidence, established political practices, and claims to make its point about the new voter fraud laws. Whether or not the Republicans are proposing these new laws specifically to undermine the democratic voting results, the evidence presented by this author shows that these policies would indeed influence and sway votes by limiting people who are most likely to vote democrat from being able to cast ballots.

“Voting Rights (Registration and Requirements)”

This article appeared on the New York Times website on March 12, 2012. It is a very informative article that is less biased than the first article selected for my reading journal, but it also shows the inherent biases and flaws associated with the recent proposals for voter fraud prevention. This article emphasizes how the topics of voter fraud and voter suppression have grown increasingly controversial with the upcoming 2012 primary election, and outlines ways in which the newly proposed laws can hinder or sway votes.

The article illuminates the arguments on both sides of the fence, both for and against the new laws, which the article claims would tighten registration periods and require more stringent procedures for casting ballots. According to the article, Republicans favor the newly proposed laws because they would help reduce the amounts of votes that are cast illegally, by deceased or jailed people. Apparently, this happens because of the ease of which people can assume the dead or incarcerated identities for casting fraudulent or duplicate votes. Democrats, however, object to these new proposals because they argue that the new laws would prevent voting many citizens who are legally able to vote; now, people would not be able to do so without a photo I.D. or a permanent mailing address. This affects minorities, college students, military members, and many other voters who are likely to vote democratic in the upcoming election.

This article points out the fact that something different needs to be done in order to reduce the amount of fraudulent votes that impact and possibly skew our election choices, but it also suggests that the new laws currently being proposed only pose more problems than they give resolutions. Keeping legal voters from their constitutional rights is not the answer. Perhaps instead of placing restrictions on voters who haven’t done anything wrong, they should tighten verification procedures instead.

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